Best Travel Humidors You Need to Own

April 9, 2019

What are the best travel humidors on the market?

Travel Cigar Humidors are the best way to bring cigars on extended vacations, short weekend getaways or trips to your favorite cigars lounge, and keep them safe.

If you’re on the go, but want to take your favorite premium cigars with you, we have a large selection of affordable travel humidors in an array of stunning finishes, shapes, and styles to suit your storage capacity and personal taste.

That said, let’s take a closeup look at some of the best travel humidors available in our huge inventory, right here at JR Cigars.

JetLine Pal Travel Humidors

JetLine Pal Travel Humidors, available in a stunning Yellow model, is made of hard and durable ABS molded plastic. Another top feature includes sturdy hinged clips to keep the unit perfectly sealed and airtight. And, wherever you go, the built-in grooved trays will keep up to ten of your cigars perfectly protected. For added convenience, the Pal’s hygrometer is seated on top of the humidor to show the humidity level on the inside without having to open the lid.

Xikar Travel Humidors

Coming from one of the most trusted names in premium cigar accessories, Xikar makes a line of top-quality travel cigar humidors guaranteed to keep that stores fresh in any environment.

Xikar Travel Humidors, in 5 -count and 10-count storage capacities, provides an airtight, watertight, crush-proof way to transport your favorite premium cigars.

Finished in good-looking finishes, these top-quality Travel Humidors fit into a golf bag, backpack, briefcase, or tackle box, so you can take your prize stogies with you wherever you go.

And, thanks to its super-strong ABS molded plastic and a cushion foam lining, you’ll have a perfectly preserved smoke when you get there.

For much larger collections, and longer getaways, Xikar Extreme models offer these same durable and dependable features in 5, 1015 and 18 storage capacities.

Cigar Caddy

Considered by many to the reigning king of Travel Cigar Humidors, Cigar Caddy has the perfect unit to accommodate your cigar storage needs.

Capable of holding 5, 15, or 40 cigars, the Caddy available in striking Camo, Orange, and Black, depending on the size that you chose, are all made from super strong ABS molded plastic that’s crushproof and can withstand temperatures ranging from minus 10 degrees up to 175 degrees Fahrenheit.

An airtight seal that is waterproof up to 100 feet deep, and a custom urethane foam padded lining, protects your beloved premium cigars from anything that mother nature can throw at it!

Aluminum Travel Humidor

Smokers looking for stylish good looks and ultimate protection will love the affordable Aluminum Travel Humidor. This good looking, airtight unit features an aluminum shell design lined with the finest aged Spanish cedar.

A very capable pen-style rectangle humidifier keeps up to 20 of your favorite premium cigars fresh, while ABS plastic shock guards on all 4 corners keep them safe from damage.

Paradigm Travel Humidors

Getting back to the enormously popular ABS molded plastic design, Paradigm Travel Humidors, in 5, 10, and 15-count selections, are watertight, airtight, crushproof, and feature cushy polyurethane foam lining, making them the perfect traveling companions for the adventurous cigar aficionado.

With your choice of white on black or black or black styles, emblazoned with the Paradigm brand logo, these top-quality travel humidors stand out from the crowd.

Argo 7-Cigar Cylinder

The Argo 7- Cigar Cylinder Travel Humidors, in Gray, Yellow, and Red, takes your standard rectangular or square-shaped travel case to new heights of luxury and design.

Capable of keeping up to 7 seven of your favorite cigars fresh, these high polished beauties hold your sticks in a vertical position via a custom cut piece inside, while a built-in humidification unit sits above them to provide the perfect amount of humidity.

In addition, unlike many other travel humidors, the hygrometer is mounted on the outside on top of the lid to display the humidity levels inside without having to open the canister.


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