Some Great Smokes For The Fall Season

October 1, 2015

We at JR would like to introduce you to some great smokes for the Fall season.

As we head into fall, after a long hot summer, most people’s attention turns to the refreshing feeling of finally having some cool weather. That is unless you live in a Sunbelt state where the temperatures only drop to a nippy 87 degrees. For those of us in regions where the climate actually changes, we all welcome putting on our favorite fluffy wool sweater and taking a long walk, simply admiring the leaves changing colors. Unfortunately, when we return, we have to rake tons of this colorful shit off our lawns- Sonofabitch!

It’s also the fabulous Halloween season, where in my case, this zombie apocalypse of little brats dressed in ludicrous costumes, ruthlessly pound on the door begging for sweets and aggravating the shit out of my dogs with each gut-wrenching knock. I personally pray for rain on this most distressing of holidays.

Fall or autumn, you pick it, is the last few months where folks in the soon to be frigid Northeast can get our last relaxing stogy time outdoors. Because, before you know it, we will be donning seven layers of Sherpa gear, gloves and boots for the arduous task of removing 12” of partly cloudy off our cars – Damn weather people never get it right!

While Floridians are still wearing Bermuda shorts, black knee socks, and eradicating those pesky Geckos’ covering the screen of their outdoor swimming pools, most of us north of the Mason Dixon line find autumn to be our favorite smoking season for a variety of reasons. The weather is cool enough to sit on the deck for hours without steaming up our ball sacks, or having our hairy nipples show through a sweat stained golf shirt. In addition, the gentle crisp air often enhances the flavor of cigars. There really is no wrong cigar to smoke this time of year, but several new and exciting brands will enhance the experience, so let us have a look.

First on the list has to be the Quesada Oktoberfest 2015 Cigars. These rare special treats released once a year, are the ideal premium smoke to celebrate this glorious season, and pair with your favorite imported beer. This Dominican puro has a medium to full-bodied profile. Available in four popular sizes, these gems are bursting with aromatic cedar, hay, and leather notes, and hearty hints of sweet chocolate. All making it a wonderful pairing when joined by a hearty seasonal brew. Lederhosen, a feathered cap, and accordion are of course optional, but they do add to the cigars geographical appeal.

For my second choice, I am sticking with the beer theme for the simple fact that if you are smoking outside, too much whiskey may render you incapacitated .Or worse; you can end up in a heated conversation with your neighbor’s poodle. That being said, Perdomo Special Craft Series Stout is a lovely outdoor companion for this time of year. Available in four beefy sizes, Nick Perdomo created this hearty series of premium smokes with the beer drinker in mind. Stout is medium to full-bodied with bold rich flavors of dark chocolate, coffee, sweet spice, and earth that really hit the spot this time of year. The perfect companion to a slice of pumpkin pie and your favorite Porter, Brown Ale, Bock, Dunkel, or Imperial Stout.

Unless you are sitting on your front porch in Yuma, Arizona watching the hot desert air blowing sand in your Crocs, it’s starting to get a little chilly. To warm up the feet and your palate, nothing beats the toasty Kentucky Fire Cured Cigars. Made by the famous folks at Drew Estate, these robust, medium-bodied sticks imparts a unique smoky taste that’s unlike anything else on the market. This six-size creation is loaded with notes of roasted hickory, oak, and sweet Kentucky burley tobacco, it’s like having a virtual campfire in your kisser. Seriously folks, this one very tasty cigar that screams for a juicy steak on the grill and your favorite libation.

Lastly, a cigar that can take you from the golden days of October right through the frozen tundra that Yankee folk call winter is the God of Fire by Carlito. Not only does Carlos Jr. of Fuente fame have perfect white teeth, he also creates one heckuva’ tasty super premium cigar. This medium-bodied masterpiece has a dense, deep nutty core, and an enchanting natural sweetness that holds its flavor right down to the nub. Even in the gloomy cold months that will soon follow, these beauties will warm the soul and soothe the senses. In other words, you’ll love em’!


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