Ultimate Cigar Gifts for Dad on Father’s Day

June 25, 2018

Ultimate Cigar Gifts for Dad on Father’s Day

At JR, we know that Dad is often someone’s favorite cigar connoisseur, but the task of buying him his favorite brand can be a difficult one, especially if he is new to cigars, you don’t know exactly what brand he smokes, or if he likes to mix things up.

But have no fear, we are here to guide you through exactly what kind of cigar gift to get good ole’ Dad this Father’s Day.

Ultimate Cigar Gifts for Dad on Father’s Day

Why cigars are perfect gifts for Father’s Day

If your dad is in any way interested in cigars, they can make a fantastic Father’s Day gift.  Each and every handmade premium cigar is a work of art that is crafted with delicate care, and the care for your father is reflected with such an artisanal and luxury gift.

In addition, cigars can often cost a good chunk of change, so getting his favorite smokes as a gift is a great way for him to have some extra indulgences on his special day.  But if you’re not sure what he likes, we made this guide just for you.  Check out our comprehensive list of great cigar gifts for dad!

Father’s Day cigars for new smokers

If your dad is new to the world of smoking, we have a number of popular options that make a great introduction to the practice.  Newcomers are better suited to more mellow to medium bodied smokes, as more full-bodied smokes can be overwhelming to the novice palate, making them great Father’s Day cigars for a newer smoker.

Macanudo Hyde Park is a mellow bodied gem that provides smooth flavors of cream, almonds, and spice.  These flavors come from the aged Dominican and Mexican long fillers, Mexican binder, and golden-brown Connecticut Shade wrapper.  Show your dad the reason Macanudo has been a household name for half a century.

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Next up we have the Romeo y Julieta 1875 Bully, one of our best-selling items.  These 5×50 treats are blended with premium Dominican long fillers and binder that are seamlessly dressed in a Indonesian wrapper.  With the Bully your dad will enjoy some hazelnut, cocoa, spice, and cedar notes that have a perfectly balanced medium-bodied profile.

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Unlike the machine-made infused cigars and cigarillos often found at convenience stores, ACID Blue Blondie Belicoso is an infused premium cigar that your dad will love.

Top-notch Nicaraguan tobaccos sit inside a Connecticut Shade wrapper, all of which are infused with a stunning combination of herbs, botanicals, essential oils, and spices.  The result is a subtle mellow-medium bodied smoke with bountiful notes of cream, leather, honey, vanilla, dried fruit, cinnamon, and a floral aroma that will please nearby noses.

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Father’s Day cigars for experienced smokers

If your father has been smoking for a while, consider wowing him with a bolder full-bodied smoke.  If you are not quite sure which brand is his favorite, we are sure one of these top-quality suggestions will become his next favorite!

The top-rated Alec Bradley Prensado is a favorite among seasoned aficionados.  It is blended with a rich Honduran wrapper over a Nicaraguan binder and Honduran and Nicaraguan long-fillers, providing a bold medium-full bodied smoke.  With these box-pressed beauties, your dad will enjoy a complex smattering of spice, cocoa, earth, coffee, and leather that have fantastic balance throughout.

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Widely considered one of the best in the Oliva portfolio, Oliva Serie V Melanio Robusto is one tasty little gem.  It is made with aged Nicaraguan long-fillers and binder grown on their own family farms, coated with a rich Ecuador Habano wrapper.  His palate will be spoiled by powerful full-bodied notes of coffee, wood, buttered toast, and leather that will have him longing for more!

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A staple for the Montecristo brand and a classic in the humidors of smokers all over the country, Montecristo Platinum Series Toro is sure to please your dad this Father’s Day.  Dominican, Peruvian, and Nicaraguan long-fillers, a Dominican binder, and a San Andres wrapper combine to provide medium-full bodied notes of spice, caramel, dried fruit, earth, nuts, and a floral aroma.

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Cigar samplers that make the perfect gifts for Father’s Day

If you don’t want to drop big bucks on a box of cigars or potentially miss the mark buying a specific blend, we still have some suggestions for you.  A cigar sampler makes the perfect gift because they provide a ton of variety for an affordable price.

This guide hosts some of our most popular samplers, however we boast a collection of hundreds of samplers to choose from, each with their own unique combination of flavors, strengths, and blends.  If you decide to get good old dad a cigar sampler for Father’s Day, he will certainly be pleased with all the new smokes he gets to try.

Filled with blends from some of the most popular brands on the market, the W-2 Sampler is sure to be a winner this Father’s Day.  In this sampler, he gets 15 smokes from Rocky Patel, Fonseca, EP Carrillo, CAO, Joya de Nicaragua, and Oliva Crafted by JR.  These cigars have a wide range of strengths and blends, so your father will surely find a new favorite to enjoy on his special day.

A sampler that is perfect for smokers just starting out, the Friendly Rivalry Collection features best-selling cigars that are cornerstones of the industry.  This 18 cigar sampler features Macanudo Hyde Park, Romeo y Julieta 1875 Bully, La Gloria Cubana Wavell, and Romeo y Julieta Reserva Real Toro.  Ranging all the way from mellow to full-bodied, this sampler will make a great introduction into the world of cigars.

Camacho is a famous brand that has an extensive portfolio, so the best way for dad to try a variety of blends is with the Camacho Bold Anytime Robusto Assortment Special.  Featuring two cigars from four blends all rolled in a classic 5×50 size, this Father’s Day he will enjoy the Criollo, Corojo, Connecticut, or Ecuador blends that are the core of Camacho’s lineup.  The sampler also comes with a stylish and incredibly sharp black and red pocketknife, so your gift will cover every base!

If your father prefers cigars that will give him hours of good smoke, the Gurkha Aficionado Churchill Collection will fit the bill.  Gurkha is famous for having an incredibly expansive portfolio, so this sampler is a great way for him to get his feet wet.

Your dad will savor 6 different blends, all coming in an extra-large 7×52 size.  He will enjoy a single cigar from the Legend, Sadist, Grand Reserve Maduro, Master Select, Centenary Blend, and Royal Dragon blends; show him with Gurkha that variety is the spice of life.

Alec Bradley is another incredibly popular brand that has a ton of different blends, and the Alec Bradley Taste of The World Short Sampler is the best way for your dad to try some of the best in their portfolio.

With this sampler, he gets six top-rated sticks from Alec Bradley, including MAXX, Nica Puro Rosado, Mundial, Connecticut, and two Black Market cigars.  Encompassing a wide range of strengths, tobaccos, and flavor profiles at a reasonably affordable price point, your pop is bound to find a new daily indulgence in this sampler.

Cigar gift ideas for New Dads

For the friend or family member that has a new child in his life, there is nothing like a good cigar to celebrate his new miracle.

If he is having a baby girl, consider a box of Alec Bradley It’s a Girl premium cigars.  These handmade gems are crafted with Nicaraguan long fillers, a Honduran binder, and an Ecuador Connecticut wrapper that provides a mellow-medium smoke with notes of spice, coffee, leather, nuts, and cedar.

They come banded with stylish pink labels to signify the special occasion and are packaged in 20-count pink boxes with a built-in frame to house a picture of his bundle of joy.

If he is having a boy, Romeo y Julieta Reserva Real It’s a Boy cigars are perfect for this Father’s Day.  These cigars are blended with top-quality Dominican and Nicaraguan long fillers, a hearty Nicaraguan binder, topped off by an Ecuadorian Connecticut wrapper.

Medium bodied notes of nuts, toast, cream, and hints of spice capture the celebratory moment with balance and complexity.  They come in cedar sleeves adorning “It’s a Boy” printed on and are packed in luxury glass tubes in boxes of 10.

Both varieties come in both boy and girl themes, so if you know he prefers one brand or the other there are still options to fit the day!

Father’s Day gift accessories

Accessories are also a great gift idea for Father’s Day.  Tools such as cutters and lighters are an essential part of any aficionado’s repertoire, and the gift of a luxury accessory is a great option if you do not know what cigars your dad likes.

We host a wide variety of cigar cutters, humidors, lighters, travel cases, and ashtrays, anything a connoisseur both novice and seasoned might need.  With options as vast as these, we have no doubt you can settle on an accessory your dad needs this Father’s Day.

A great gift idea would also be an accessory gift set, where you can supply your dad with several accessories for a bargain.

If your dad is or was a member of the armed forces, consider a Xikar Military Gift Set for him this Father’s Day.  This affordable set features a green ashtray adorned with a yellow military star that can comfortably hold 6 lit cigars and comes with a pen/lighter bleeder tool so he can easily refill his lighter.

Xikar Military Gift Set

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Or perhaps you are in the market for a luxury gift, something that will make a statement.  If that’s the case, the Xikar Rose Gold Gift Set is right for you.  This gift set features both a Xikar Vitara Lighter and Xikar Xi3 Cutter that are adorned with a finish of 18 ct. rose gold.

The cutter will effortlessly slice through his premium cigars, and the windproof double torch lighter will spark his stogies with ease.  Contrasted by a gloss black box, the Xikar Rose Gold gift set will be a striking addition to your father’s collection.

Xikar Rose Gold Gift Set

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Father’s Day subscriptions and gift cards

Still not sure which of these top-notch selections to pick? You can always get him a gift card so he can get whatever it is he wants!

You could also consider subscribing him to our Cigar of the Month Club, where he will have a specially curated sampler sent straight to him each month.  But hurry and make your gift decision soon because the big day is rapidly approaching!

If after all this you still need some inspiration, check out some of our previous Father’s Day offers and guides for some additional ideas!

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