So, What is an “Entubar” Style Cigar?

August 9, 2016

The oldest, most labor intensive, but best method for “bunching” cigars is the “entubar” method. This process involves rolling up to eight separate tubes of filler tobacco each forming a separate channel for smoke to pass through. Then, these tubes, which resemble swizzle sticks, are tightly rolled within the binder and wrapper. The creation of these many “smoke channels” allows the roller to draw the binder and wrapper much tighter around the bunch than would be possible with the standard Book Filler method. The entubar method creates an incredibly dense, slow burning cigar that draws incredibly easy, and captures all of the blends optimal flavors.


Only a handful of top manufacturers employ this costly method, and I have listed a few below that have garnered high ratings, outstanding customer reviews, and are readily available on the JR Cigar Website.


PDR Cigars


Under the skillful hands and watchful eyes of master blender Abe Flores, the “entubar” method is alive and kicking in all of his super premium blends, many featuring vintage Dominican Criollo and Corojo filler tobaccos, along with exquisite leaf from Brazil and other top growing regions throughout Central America. PDR is also well- known for procuring some of best Cuban seed wrappers. Handmade in the Dominican Republic, All of Abe’s nine top-quality line extensions are fuller bodied in strength, exceptionally unique, and delicious in flavor.


Padilla Cigars


With a long history dating to 1932 in Havana, Cuba, Padilla Cigars are one of the most highly respected premium cigar brands on the market today. Third generation cigar master Ernesto Padilla, fashions all of his highly rated boutique smokes at the company’s renowned Raices Cubanas factory in Honduras using the “entubar” method of rolling. Padilla offers four distinct Cuban-style line extensions, each with their own distinct character that have seasoned cigar enthusiasts making the brand a top-choice.


Herrera Estelí Cigars


When famous cigar master Willy Herrera joined Drew Estate a few years ago, he not brought with him years of cigar rolling expertise, his new super premium Herrera Esteli line is rolled using the “entubar/ entubado” method with a proprietary blend of aged Nicaraguan filler tobaccos. His cigars are finished with a double binder from Honduras, and silky Habano seed wrappers from Ecuador. In its relatively short time in existence, Herrera Estelí cigars have received top ratings from the industry, and consumers alike, thanks to their exceptional construction and exquisite medium to full body flavor.


Warped El Oso


Coming from El Titan de Bronze factory in Little Havana in Miami, El Oso, is rolled by the factories finest rollers – all formerly from Havana, Cuba. These masters employ “entubado” bunching and the characteristic Cuban triple cap. With the skill required to create such a work of art, only 150 cigars are produced per day. El Oso is crafted “entubar” style using aged filler leaf from the Dominican Republic, and Nicaragua, along with a sturdy Ecuador binder and a dark and oily Ecuadorian Habano Oscuro wrapper. The result is a medium bodied, highly complex smoke chockfull with fragrant notes of leather, pepper, and cocoa, and a rich, sweet finish.





So are “entubar” rolled cigars superior to brands using more common methods? Check the links above, and take a closer look at all of these outstanding premium handmade “entubar” rolled cigars, maybe order a few, and then we will let you be the judge- and while you’re at it, let us know what you think!




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