Samplers to Look Out for on Black Friday

November 15, 2019

Samplers to Look Out for on Black Friday

As the holidays are well on their way, cigar smokers everywhere are beginning to salivate at the thought of great Black Friday deals.  The JR Cigar team is more than ready for the challenge and have put together our greatest round of Black Friday deals yet.

Aside from specific savings on top brands, this is also a great time for our customers to pick up some of our highest rated samplers.  I am a sampler guy myself, as I prefer a wide variety of smokes. Let’s take a glance at some of the best samplers you can buy this Black Friday.

Top 5 Lancero Sampler

While the lancero size is never the best-selling vitola, true aficionados are always clamoring for them.  The filler to wrapper ratio will offer you the most flavor and the construction is usually on point.

In recent years, cigar smokers have become much more informed and in doing so have begun to realize the appeal of a lancero size.

In one of our most-viewed YouTube videos, I put together a list of some of the top lancero cigars.  These include the Oliva V Serie Lancero, the Tatuaje Skinny Frank and the exclusive Southern Draw Jacobs Ladder lancero.  This pack is quite limited with only a few left so make sure to check it out this Black Friday.


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Dominican Reserve Edition X Sampler

The purpose of some samplers is to experience different sizes of the same cigar, or the same size of different cigars and compare them.  What I love about this Dominican sampler, is that it is different sizes of different brands, but all using Dominican tobaccos.

This unique pack gives you the ability to compare and contrast how different brands are utilizing similar tobaccos and lets you decide which one you prefer.

The sampler contains a full line of smokes from the affordable, everyday Riata to the incredibly high-end Montecristo. For a new smoker or just a fan of Dominican cigars, this is a great little set.


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Padron 5 Cigar Collection

As stated above, different samplers offer up different experiences.  In the case of this luxurious Padron collection, you have the chance to experience each of the highly-rated cigars from each of the Padrons lines.

Padron is one of the most accomplished manufacturers in the world which is due to the company’s massive aging facilities.  As you step up the price range from the Padron Series to 1964, and eventually to the Family Reserve, you can see how aging plays a part in the flavor and construction of a cigar.

While I wouldn’t necessarily suggest this sampler to a brand-new cigar smoker, it is a great entry-level pack for those who want to experience a Padron.  Before dropping several hundred dollars on a box, see which of the lines you like the best and then go from there.


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Black and Gold Sampler

I can’t reveal too much about this ampler, as it is going to be a Black Friday only special.  What I can tell you is that you are going to get 25 high-end cigars for an excellent.  Some of the brands included are Cohiba, Oliva, Macanudo and much more.

This is going to be a very limited release so make sure to stop back on Black Friday and snag up your Black and Gold Sampler.


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