Rediscovering the World-Famous Oliva Serie V Melanio Cigars

April 16, 2019

The Oliva Serie V Melanio cigars are named after Melanio Oliva, who according to the family history, was the first member of the Oliva family to grow tobacco, circa 1886 in Havana Cuba.  The brand reached its pinnacle of success when the Oliva Serie V Melanio Figurado was named Cigar of the Year in 2014, with a whopping 96-rating by the prestigious Cigar Aficionado magazine. Since that time, the Melanio marque continues to thrive with an eight vitola line that’s always in high demand worldwide.  In fact, the Figurado wasn’t the only Rockstar in the Serie V Melanio line, because CA awarded the Robusto No.8 in 2016, along with the Churchill that landed in the same number No. 8 spot in 2018. In addition, the remaining sizes all boast extremely high ratings and very positive reviews from industry experts and the general cigar smoking community alike.

To achieve such greatness, Oliva Serie V Melanio cigars employ a pristine Ecuador Habano wrapper leaf in a lovely chestnut brown EMS shade, that blankets a rich blending of carefully aged Nicaraguan binder and filler tobaccos. Every cigar is expertly handcrafted in a striking box-pressed format to offer an exceptionally slow burn and an effortless draw. The cigars are rolled in six classic shapes, along with the top-rated Figurado, and a 6.5 x 52 Torpedo that is available in both the same EMS Ecuador Habano leaf along with a darker Maduro varietal of the same origin.  The Churchill size that garnered the 8-spot in 2018, also comes in your choice of both wrapper styles.

The medium to full-bodied profile of the EMS wrapped Oliva Serie V Melanio delivers peppery tones with nuances of caramel, leather and wood, punctuated by signature creaminess on the finish, while the Maduro selection, also medium to full in strength, boasts the same scrumptious tasting notes with the addition of savory chocolate and hints of fruit.

Currently, with 13 other highly rated-line extensions available on the market, including the groundbreaking short and fat Nub, Serie G, O, and the rare and fine Masters Blend 3, Serie V cigars aren’t the only shining stars in the Oliva brand portfolio, but many consider it be the best of the best.  However, with taste being subjective, that’s for you to decide. What we can tell you is that premium handmade Oliva Serie V Melanio cigars offer a unique and exceptionally well-refined smoking experience that you won’t soon forget!




Oliva Serie V Melanio



Oliva Serie V Special Figurado



Oliva Serie V Melanio Robusto



Oliva Serie V Melanio Churchill



The Nub by Oliva



Oliva Serie G



Oliva Serie O



Oliva Master Blends 3




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