Quesada 1974 Cigars

October 28, 2019

Quesada 1974 Cigars

In early 2019, Legendary master blender Manuel Quesada debuted a new brand called Quesada 1974 in Spain to celebrate the company’s 45 years of making some of the world’s most sought- after premium cigars.  Several months after the initial release, the cigars became available to the American Market.

As told by Quesada, he started his cigar-making journey with a phone, $100 dollars, a chair, and a small surplus of what he believed to be were some of the best Dominican tobaccos. Then, in  1974, with a lot of confidence, some loyal backing, and ingenuity, he set up his Matasa Company, which was at the time,  the only cigar factory in Santiago’s first free-trade zone. Today—45 years later—his family-owned company is known as Quesada Cigars, which are manufactured in a much larger, and better-equipped factory in the Dominican city of Licey.

Quesada 1974  cigars are expertly rolled in three vitolas with a stunning, oily, Ecuadorian wrapper, a Dominican binder, and deeply aged Dominican and Nicaraguan filler tobaccos. All the Dominican tobaccos used for this exceptional blend were grown on the fertile multi-acre farm next to his modern factory in Licey.

Stylishly presented in aromatic cedar boxes of 10, 1974 cigars are medium to full-bodied in strength and provide a nice slow burn and a luring aroma while providing rich, well-rounded flavors of cedar, pepper, dried fruit, and a long creamy finish.

In addition, like all other Quesada creations, you can expect every cigar to boast top-notch construction evenly colored wrappers, and seamless consistency, thanks to the Quesada family’s stringent quality control standards.

Order a box of 10 now, and savor these commemorative milestone cigars from Quesada.

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