Prepare For The Shock and Awe!

October 6, 2015

Nestor Plasencia Sr. is one of the most notable tobacco experts in the world, yet unlike many of his distinguished colleagues that thrive on the limelight, he chooses a more humble existence by working behind the scenes in his Honduran and Nicaraguan factories. This where he is most comfortable, producing premium handmade cigars for more than 30 of the biggest names in the industry, including the likes of Rocky Patel, Alec Bradley, Casa Magna, and Gurkha, to name a few.

Today, with roughly 6,000 employees working the many acres of fields the Palencia’s own or contract, the family is one of the largest tobacco growers in the industry.

Joining his father in day-to-day operations is company vice president Nestor Plasencia Jr. With a degree in agricultural engineering, not only does Nestor Jr. continue the family tradition, his education has made him an expert on techniques of tobacco cultivation, which, in turn, has enhanced the family business. Young Nestor acknowledges that no formal education beats the hands on experience of being in the midst of the action, from seed to cigar. He credits most of his acquired skills to his father; together they balance modern methods of farming while still maintaining the tried-and-true traditions handed down from 5 generations.

Aside from the top-quality cigars made for others, the Plasencia’s are also still very proud of their original marque brand. The Plasencia cigar is a mild-tasting beauty that is hand rolled in their Nicaraguan cigar factory and crafted with both Honduran and Nicaraguan tobaccos. The fillers are furnished with a Nicaraguan binder, and depending on the specific cigar, either an Ecuadorian or Nicaraguan wrapper.

Currently, there are two joint ventures made exclusively for JR Cigar. First came the Morocelí brand, named for the Honduras town that is home to Nestor Plasencia’s factory. Packed in bundles of 20 and priced to please, Morocelí cigars are extremely well crafted, dense, and earthy with a medium-bodied strength profile sure to suit many types of cigar smokers.

Their latest offering made for yours truly, JR, is a bold departure from their standard fare, and one of the most unique and exciting sticks ever produced by this renowned company. Even its name- Shock and Awe, denotes radical change.

Shock and Awe is a military themed cigar with a unique recipe. A rare Habana (Jalapa) binder and Nicaraguan Habano filler leaves are rolled inside an oily chestnut brown Pennsylvania Broadleaf wrapper. Keeping with the current trend for big ring smokes, Plasencia went ahead and broke the mold (no pun intended) with these monsters. Currently there are three ginormous sizes available. The Roaring Meg a 5.5 x 70 jawbreaker, an even bigger 5.5 x 80 in the name of Barracks Buster, and the slightly more traditional Little David, that weighs in at a fairly hefty 5.5 x 60. Each Front mark takes its name from a different type of WW II mortar shell, and the cigars within, are shaped like one, as you will quickly notice. Cleverly packaged, these new offerings sit inside rustic, antique looking wood boxes with a slide out lid featuring artwork that pays homage to the Bomber plane Nose art of the famous World War II era. Beyond the cigars extraordinary shape and eye-catching packaging design, you are in for a medium to full bodied treat. Upon lighting, a blast of white pepper delivers a little “shock and awe” to the senses, and then quickly mellows as a mosaic of spice, earth, leather, cedar and espresso notes take center stage. Wonderfully complex and well balanced; these beauties hold their many intricate flavors right down to the last puff.

For many years, JR Cigar has had the privilege to work closely with the Plasencia family and their lineup of outstanding cigars, and we are very excited to bring you this new one-of-a kind smoke.


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