Post Post Turkey Day

December 2, 2014

This is the time of year when I get to talk (and brag a bit) about what we do here in Dallas over Thanksgiving…we hold our Post Turkey Day Crawl.  We marked our 20th year this past weekend, making us the oldest ongoing cigar crawl in the world.  It all began back in the early days of the Internet before blogs and the like when there were just newsgroups.  Pretty primitive actually, but there were a group of people from Dallas/Ft. Worth who were online when one of the members of alt.smokers.cigars posted he was coming to Dallas for Thanksgiving and would anyone want to get together the day after. (Hence Post Turkey Day).  That was 1994.  Since that simple beginning of just getting together to talk and smoke and relax, we’ve grown to include stops at several local cigar stores and added a festive dinner to raise money for charity and most often a cigar maker joins us for the day.  This year we had K.C. Johnson from L’Atelier, and Luis Falto from Tabacalera Falto in Puerto Rico who happened to be in town and joined us as well.  Our goal is to help the local stores make some sales and our little band rang registers for the three stores. We also raised a nice chunk of cash for charity. This year, over $3,000.  Talk about a win/win.

That being said we could not have done this without the help of the many great cigar companies who helped us.  We had some great prizes for the charity portion… Altadis USA gave us RyJ by Romeo y Julieta, Monte by Montecristo and Upmann Legacy,  Alex Bradley supplied American Sun Grown, General Cigar gave us the Cohiba Comador, Macanudo 1968 and Dunhill 1907,  Crowned Heads gave us the Tennessee Waltz, My Father had La Dueña, La Palina  gave us the Classic and El Diario, Jose Blanco Señorial, Tabacalera la Matilde gave us La Matilde, Robert Caldwell a box of Eastern Standard, the Quesadas provided Españas, Phil Zanghi gave us Debonaire and Saga, EPC the Inch , Miami Cigar gave us a Nestor Miranda Connecticut and La Aurora Untamed, Willy Herrera of Drew Estate gave us the hard to find (cept here) Herrera Esteli Norteño. K.C. Johnson had plenty of the Special Selection L’Atelier, the Satin Glove Surrogate went fast and K.C. brought from his brother Pete a cabinet of Tatuaje Tattoo.

Thanks to everyone who helped make this a success.


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