Pepperbox Cigars – A Simply One-Of-A Kind Smoke!

October 15, 2015

Today I am going to tell you about a premium cigar unlike anything that you have ever smoked. First a little history about the company that created this groundbreaking brand.

For many decades, the world-renowned Plasencia family has been making top-quality cigars such as his namesake marque Plasencia Cigars, and Moroceli, named for the Honduras town that is home to one of the family’s huge factories.

Mostly working behind the scenes, a big part of the companies operation is dedicated to making cigars for many of the famed titans of the industry. Many smokers are not aware that notable brands such as Rocky Patel, Gurkha, and Alec Bradley, to name a few—come from the hands of Plasencia’s skilled artisans.

Honored to be part of Nestor’s elite clientele, the company has created many brands for JR throughout the years, but the Pepperbox is definitely a one of a kind, radical new blend.

Following on the heels of the enormously popular Shock and Awe, a military themed cigar with a unique recipe, Plasencia really decided to shake up the cigar world by creating four cigars in one!

Named for both its spicy kick and a historical multi-barreled handgun, the new Pepperbox features a dark, reddish-brown Habano leaf wrapper from Nicaragua that cloaks four individually square-pressed cigars, each with its own unique blend.

For the most part, the entire Pepperbox recipe is a secret, but what we can tell you is that each individual cigar contains various Central American binders, along with well-aged filler leaf from Honduras and Mexico.

Currently featured in just one size, called the Pepperbox Pepperbox, this quadruple banger is listed as a single 4 x 32, but there are actually four individual 4 x 32’s sitting underneath one wrapper. I took it upon myself to get an accurate measurement and it came out to 4 x 64!

Pre light inspection displayed a really well built stick that felt surprisingly good in the hand. The wrapper had the musty tart aroma often found on vintage leaf, while the quad filler displayed pleasant notes of hay and sugar.

Upon lighting, all four of the enclosed sticks burned surprisingly even, and as you can imagine had an extremely airy draw. The first several puffs will remind your palate and sinuses where this cigar got its name, especially after the initial blast of hot white pepper that remained constant for several moments. Then voila, this baby really opened up, letting in luscious notes of spice, cinnamon, leather and earth.

At the halfway point, I realized that I was smoking one of the most complex blends that I have ever tasted, as these core notes took turns becoming the main flavor with just about every other inhale.

The final third introduced some creamy sweetness to the mix while remaining medium to full bodied in strength. As a testimony to its artisanship, each of these individual rolls of premium tobacco burned very slow and even from start to finish. I honestly found that amazing.

This was the most distinctive cigar that I have ever experienced in over forty years of smoking, and it ranks high on my list of favorites.

Pepperbox comes to you in a rustic, antique turn of the century style, wooden box of 10.


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