Parodi Cigars

May 31, 2019

Parodi Cigars

The Parodi company was established in 1901 by Anthony and Frank Suraci, who immigrated from Italy to New York. They started production in a factory in Jersey City, NJ, making cigars originally intended for Italian immigrants, so it soon became the choice cigar for a rollicking game of Bocce Ball… but I digress!

Since 1925, Parodi cigars have been manufactured in Scranton, Pennsylvania with a top-quality blend of fire-cured Kentucky and Tennessee tobaccos. If you’re new to the cigar scene, these crude, crooked little cigarillos shouldn’t be taken lightly, as they are powerful smokes with heady flavors of smoked hickory, some earthiness, and a healthy dose of pepper on the finish. For many, the original Parodi is a delightful medium to full-bodied cigar that can be enjoyed for a quick coffee break, or as a chewy stick to chomp on while running errands. However, for those with less forgiving palates, it’s just too darn rich and strong! This is not the end of the story though, because throughout the years Parodi has produced a couple of popular line extensions that cater to those looking for a smoother, more easygoing blend

Parodi Ammezzati cigars are billed as a medium to full bodied smoke, but most will find it a delightfully sweet and tasty cigar.  Still utilizing the brands signature Kentucky and Tennessee dark fired tobaccos, Ammezzati cigars have an amaretto-like sweetness that’s very palatable for most smokers, but we still recommend that you tackle it on a full stomach as a precautionary measure. That said, if puffing on an Ammazzati still makes you weak in the knees, Parodi Cherry Vanilla cigars might be right up your alley—especially if you enjoy a good flavor infused cigar, or you have an insatiable sweet tooth! With Cherry Vanilla cigars, you’re still dealing with the medium to full-bodied profile found in every Parodi cigar, but the sweet, delicious flavor and aroma of cherry vanilla, really softens the blow.

Now that were done finding the perfect Parodi cigars for the faint of heart and palate, the rest of you well-seasoned smokers can choose between the equally powerful  Kings, the Twos, and the Speciale lines from Parodi, to get your much needed smoked hickory and pepper fix.




Parodi Ammezzati



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