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Montecristo Original

Starting in 1935 in Cuba, Montecristo cigars escalated from popular boutique to one of the best-selling Cubans in the world. Read More

Acid Cigars

Acid cigars may have not been the first line created by Drew Estate, they were certainly the catalyst for making the company one of the largest in the industry. Read More

Rocky Patel Vintage Cigars: The Best of the Best!

Rocky crafts all his cigars using the best tobaccos from a variety of nations around the world. Thus attaining a slew of 90+ ratings in top industry publications year after year. Read More

My Father: La Gran Oferta

My Father La Gran Oferta, which translates to the “the Great Offer” is an absolutely exquisite smoke, hand rolled with the finest aged tobaccos in the world. Read More

Insidious by Asylum: A Deceptively Delicious Premium Cigar!

Insidious by Asylum is master blender Tom Lazuka’s story about a premium cigar that’s smoother, mellower, and creamier than his other Asylum blends. Read More

Avo: A famous Name in the World of Premium Cigars

Even though the Avo line includes Domaine, XO, Heritage, 30 Years, 90th Classic Covers, and more, the original Avo Classic is still considered the strong backbone behind the entire brand. Read More

The Padron 1926 Cigar

Its name honors the birth year of company founder Jose Orlando Padron. It is the age of the tobacco that sets it apart from other cigars in the industry. Read More

Davidoff Winston Churchill: The Late Hour

The Davidoff Winston Churchill went on to become one of their biggest releases of all time and is already known as one of the finest cigars on the market. Read More

CAO MX 2 Cigars: A Maduro Lovers Dream!

CAO MX2 is a complex blend that features long filler from Nicaragua, Honduras, Dominican Republic, a zest Brazilian binder, and a Connecticut Broadleaf wrapper. Read More

Nub Cigars: A Truly One-Of- Kind Smoke

Like all groundbreaking products, Nub cigars started as a mere idea at the famous Oliva factory in Nicaragua. Read More

Henry Clay Warhawk Cigars

The WarHawk cigar rebelliously breaks its own tradition by not using the Connecticut Broadleaf wrapper found on the original Henry Clay line. Read More

Why Smoke JR Cuban Alternative Cigars?

JR Cuban Alternative cigars are affordable because we pay for the marketing, packaging, and advertising, and place them in bundles. Read More

Opus X: The Pinnacle of Cigar Smoking Perfection

If you are looking for one the most popular ultra-premium cigars ever made, you found it right here with the amazing Opus X from Arturo Fuente. Read More

Liga Privada No. 9 Sampler

One of our best selling products is the Liga Privada No.9 Sampler. It's rare that you see a cigar with the reputation of a Liga being offered in a sampler. Read More

Nat Sherman: One of the Most Famous Names in Premium Cigars

Nat Sherman Cigars goes all the way back to New York City circa 1930. Nat Sherman started his luxury cigar and cigarette business located at right in the heart of bustling Manhattan. Read More

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