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An Epic New Cigar from Montecristo

Coming from one of the most famous names in premium handmade cigars, the ultra-premium Montecristo Epic Craft Cured, part of the top- rated Epic line, is a sophisticated Nicaraguan puro blend designed for the well-seasoned cigar connoisseur. What … Read More

Introducing the Premium Handmade Alec Bradley New York Cigars

Alec Bradley, one of the most iconic names in premium handmade cigars, gives a nod to the “city that never sleeps” with their exciting lineup of New York cigars. First launched in 2010, the concept behind this brand was to … Read More

Beginners Boutiques

Hello my friends, Nick Libretti here for JR Cigars.  I am use to saying that in my videos so lets just keep it going in the written word as well.  From my many YouTube videos which at least one person … Read More

JR Mobile-first Microlearning

At JR Cigar, we cater to everyone from the seasoned cigar aficionado to the newcomer with a developing palate. In order to ensure that our staff is able to provide the most informed and up-to-date guidance to any customer’s query, … Read More

1st Annual IPCPR Something Awards: Look Who Won Things!

Best Bald Nicaraguan Manufacturer- Erik Espinosa Its no lie that Erik and I are friends, however he deserves this award. There was no back alley deals here.  Coming into the show with the Reggae and the collaboration with … Read More

Day 3 at the 2017 IPCPR – Dunbarton Tobacco

Check out Steve Sakas latest bold smoke: the Todos Las Dias. If you’re looking for insane power and flavor you’re going to love this smoke! …keep checking back for more of the best new smokes of the year … Read More

Day 3 at the 2017 IPCPR – H. Upmann AJ Fernandez

Took a stroll over to the Altadis booth. This is the best hupmann I have ever smoked. Truly amazing and it’s already available! …more amazing smokes to come from the 2017 IPCPR! … Read More

Day 3 at the 2017 IPCPR – Crowned Heads

Enjoying one of the finest Maduros of the year… the brand new 4 Kicks Maduro from The Crowned Heads. Look for them soon! …keep checking back for more exclusives from the 2017 IPCPR! … Read More

Day 2 at the 2017 IPCPR – Caldwell

Got to catch up with the legend himself Robert Caldwell.. two awesome releases this year with him and Matt Booth! Coming Soon! …check back soon for more updates from the 2017 IPCPR! … Read More

Day 2 at the 2017 IPCPR – Warped

Sat with my main man from Warped, the great Kyle Gellis! Keep an eye out for the Black Honey and Gran Reserva 1988. …more to come from the 2017 IPCPR! … Read More

Day 2 at the 2017 IPCPR – Alec Bradley

We got started today by sitting with the famed Alan Rueben of Alec Bradley and his two sons Alec and Bradley. We spoke of many things but I was too distracted by the delicious Prensado Lost Art to really pay … Read More

Xikar at the 2017 IPCPR

Today’s meeting with Xikar was a sight to behold! They have produced some of the worlds finest cigar accessories including the new Xikar XO cutter, the VX Vcut and the Xp4 lighter all available in Ferrari Red! … Read More

Crafted by JR Oliva— An Affordable Masterpiece!

No one grows Nicaraguan cigar tobaccos like Oliva. The manufacturer of a slew of top-selling brands, this family-owned company traces its roots to patriarch Melanio Oliva, who began growing tobacco in the legendary Pinar del Río region of Cuba … Read More

Cigarillos: Get To Know Them, Get To Love Them

I remember the first time I ever lit a cigarillo. I was sitting outdoors for lunch on a hot summer weekday, roasting away at some swanky New York City restaurant that’s probably turned over twice by now. I knew that … Read More

Cornelius & Anthony Venganza— A Very Special Premium Cigar

Cornelius & Anthony Venganza Cigars come from the esteemed Bailey family who have been curating premium tobaccos for more than 150-years! A superb follow-ups to the company’s highly touted Cornelius line, a fine recipe of the finest aged … Read More

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