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The Stunning Griffin’s Perfecto Cigar

We singled out The Griffin's Perfecto for this blog because it embodies the luxury and unsurpassed craftsmanship that every Davidoff cigar provides. Read More

Five Acid Cigars to Try This Month

Acid cigars remain not only one of the best-selling infused cigars on the market, but they are in fact among the best-selling cigars overall. Read More

Arturo Fuente Hemmingway Short Story Cigars

Following on the heels of the highly successful Signature, the company released the Arturo Fuente Hemmingway Short Story cigar in the same Cuban-style shape. Read More

Best Cigar Lounges In Las Vegas

If you want the best whiskey bar or steakhouse, you go to Las Vegas. It is only logical that Sin City would be home to some of the finest cigar lounges. Read More

Five Cigars to Enjoy for Hispanic Heritage Month

This month we celebrate the great and proud people of Hispanic heritage. They are people with an incredible culture that has influenced food and the arts. Read More

Rocky Patel The Edge Cigars

Rocky Patel The Edge has remained one of the best-selling cigars in the country since it was first introduced in 2004. Read More

Cabanas: Coming Soon

This month, we will announce an exclusive product that bears the name of this historic cigar, that was blended by the legendary Don Pepin Garcia. Read More

RoMa Craft Neanderthal Cigars

Introduced in 2015, RoMa Craft Neanderthal cigars were made for the well-seasoned aficionado, yet still demands a lot of smoothness and complexity. Read More

Cigar Journal: Cigar Trophy Awards 2019

This list comes from the Cigar Journal and is a good indication of what the experts are thinking for 2019.  Let’s look at the Best Cigar 2019 Awards. Read More

Top Five American Wrapped Cigars

Some cigar wrapper tobacco is being grown in states throughout the East Coast. Let’s take a look at the Top 5 Cigars that use American Wrappers. Read More

Two Stunning Cigar Humidors That Pay Homage to Our Brave Police Officers and Firefighters

We take a closeup look at two popular first-responder models that pay tribute to our brave and dedicated Fireman and police officers. Read More

ACID Blondie Cigars

The entire line of ACID Blondie cigars is a perfect treat for smokers that are looking for a delicious premium cigar. Read More

Best Cigar Lounges in New York City

For the traveling cigar aficionado, it is important to know the best cigar lounges. Let's take a look inside the Top Five Best Cigar Lounges in New York City. Read More

Swisher Sweets Blunt Cigars

Today, Swisher Sweet produces more than two billion cigars a year, in a wide variety of sizes and flavor profiles,  and ships them to over 70 countries. Read More

New Cigars For September 2019

With IPCPR finally, in the books, we will see a majority of the new cigars being released. So for those of you who buy your cigars online, you are in luck. Read More

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