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Two Great New Smokes Made Exclusively For JR Cigar!

In 1971, Lew Rothman opened up a small cigar store in Manhattan that had premium and handmade cigars piled all the way up to the ceiling. The now famous sign out front read “World’s Largest Cigar Store.” If just passing … Read More

The Legendary OpusX Cigar

Now in its 21st year of production, OpusX remains one of the most heavily sought after cigars in the world. These all-Dominican Cuban-seed gems have become synonymous with rarity and luxury and the brands loyal following of dedicated cigar smokers … Read More

The Rebirth of the Jose Marti Cigar

When JR introduced the Jose Marti premium handmade cigar in the early 90’s it was welcomed with overwhelming approval and quickly became a smash hit. Our customers loved the superior construction, steadily consistent taste, and most of all, the … Read More

Wooden Smoking Pipes

Wooden Smoking Pipes come in several varieties, the most popular being those made from Briar, the most widely used material for over two hundred years! It all began in the 1820’s, when  artisans from the French town of St. Claude, … Read More

Ramon Allones Heritage- The Revival of a Classic Cuban Cigar!

Ramon Allones premium handmade cigars have a history that dates back to Havana Cuba in 1845. The brand went through numerous ownership changes before the Cifuentes family finally bought it and production was moved to the famous Partagás Factory … Read More

Take a Trip Back in Time with the Epoca by Nat Sherman!

When the legendary king of luxury cigars Nat Sherman opened his first shop in the Big Apple in 1929, it quickly became a stomping ground for just about every type of smoker. Movie stars, famous athletes, gangsters, and just … Read More

The Bold New Alec Bradley MAXX Cigar

In 1996, Alan Rubin decided to pursue his favorite passion in life, premium handmade cigars, so in a very daring move he sold his family import business and founded the Alec Bradley Cigar Company. Right from the very start this … Read More

The NEW Gran Habano Cigar

The new Gran Habano premium cigars are the resurrection of an old brand made famous in the 1920’s when Guillermo Rico’s grandfather began growing top-quality tobaccos on his little plot of land in the legendary Pinar del Rio region of Cuba. Read More

It’s Time to Celebrate With The NEW JR 45th Anniversary Cigar!

In 1971, Lew Rothman, a young man who had spent his entire youth working in his father’s various convenience/ cigar shops in Brooklyn, finally decided to spread his wings by opening his very own small cigar store in Manhattan. Although, … Read More

Introducing the Very Unique JR Especial Cigars !

Our portfolio of premium handmade JR Cigar exclusives just keeps growing with a steady stream of industry greats jumping on board to create these private stogies for us employing the same top-quality tobaccos found on their own nationally distributed blends. Read More

Introducing the Davidoff JR 45th Anniversary

In 1971, a young cigar visionary named Lew Rothman opened the doors to his first retail tobacco store in Manhattan.  This tiny, but stocked to the ceiling little shop had a sign that read “World’s Largest Cigar Store”.  A bold … Read More

Re-Visiting an Old JR Classic- The Belinda Cigar

For this blog, I’m going to do something completely different and take you down memory lane to talk about a cigar that I was enjoying while some of you young herfer’s were still teething. The stick in reference is the … Read More

My Hoops Madness Final Four Stogies!

If you happen to be a fan of college basketball, then it’s a real good bet that for the last couple of weeks you were glued to your flat screen binge watching the March ritual of Hoops Madness simultaneously playing … Read More

Now For Something Completely Different- The Robert Caldwell Funfetti Cigar!

Yes people, there is a premium cigar called Funfetti, and NO, you cannot only find it in party store, nor does it explode!! … It’s actually a serious boutique offering from Robert Caldwell the mastermind behind such popular … Read More

Some Great New Cigars Just in Time for Easter

The Easter Holiday is once again upon us, so while the kiddies are out hunting for colorful eggs now is your time to hop online at JR, and start hunting for some nice premium handmade cigars. Since we last scraped … Read More

The Chronicles Of Cuba: Final Thoughts By Steve Nathan

So, here I am back at the office ready to share my final thoughts on the Cuba experience — the hardest part is where to begin. I must say it was a life-changing experience and perhaps the fulfillment of a … Read More

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