October 16, 2014

Back in 1875, French composer Georges Bizet debuted the opera that would make him famous – Carmen.  The opera is a classic, and I remember as a child going to the Academy of Music in Philadelphia on a school trip just to see it.  (One of my very few ventures into the operatic world.)   I can’t say I remember much from the opera, except for the Toreador Song which almost everyone has heard at one time or another.

Well now come the nannies.  You see in the opening scene, it begins with girls who work in a cigarette factory.  Can you guess where this is going?  Well in Australia they have cancelled the opera because of the tobacco connection

A sponsorship agreement between WA Opera and Healthway has seen plans scrapped to perform a show where the main character works in a tobacco factory.

WA Opera general manager Carolyn Chard told Radio 6PR the decision was made to scrap a planned performance of Carmen – which strongly features the smoking of cigarettes – of its own volition and not under direction of its sponsor.

Healthway is a state government body that seeks to promote  and support healthy lifestyles.

And, of course, the state cannot let anyone see someone being involved with tobacco.  Really?  Gimme a break.


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