New Cigar Releases for October

October 17, 2019

New Cigar Releases for October

As the days of summer finally end, cigar aficionados everywhere have something to look forward to.  Several months after the IPCPR trade show, we are beginning to get a steady flow of new cigars that were announced in July. This will continue over the next few months, so there will always be something new to try out.  Let’s take a look at the newest products to hit our shelves this October.

Dunbarton Mi Querida Triqui Traca

One of the talks of the trade show this year was the newest release from legendary blender Steve Saka.  Known as a master of broadleaf tobacco, his original Mi Querida line was already a tremendous success, and he was looking to double down on this richer, bolder version.


The Mi Querida Triqui Traca takes its name from a version of firecrackers prominent in Nicaragua.  It has a slightly stronger blend than the original.  It uses a No. 1 Dark Corona Connecticut Broadleaf wrapper with a  Nicaraguan binder and filler tobaccos from both Nicaragua and the Dominican Republic.


While it is stronger than its predecessor, the Triqui Traca is also smoother, at least in my opinion.  It has notes of dark chocolate, cream, and coffee that combined to create not only one of Steve’s best cigars but one of the best cigars of the year.

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Southern Draw Cedrus

The Southern Draw Cedrus was actually released in 2018, but we have the great pleasure of receiving three brand new sizes in this month.  This goes along with a slew of other Southern Draw releases this year, including the Desert Rose of Sharon and the Jacobs Ladder Brimstone.


The Cedrus takes its name from the Lebanese Cedar tree, the actual tree from which the box is made from.  It is one of the most unique tasting cigars I’ve ever had the pleasure of smoking thanks to the unique Indonesian Sumatra Besuki wrapper.  Its flavor profile consists of notes of grass, floral notes, spice, buts and the scent of pine.  It is a wonderful and flavorful cigar that offers something different than anything you’ll smoke this year.


While when the cigar was released in 2018 it was only available in a belicoso size, but Robert holt has now added three new sizes: a Robusto, a toro and a Gordo.

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Tatuaje M.E. II

The Tatuaje Mexican Experiment was released in 2012 as a limited, regional release.  This year saw the re-release of the original along with a new, slightly tweaked blend known as the Tatuaje ME II.   Both cigars are named in honor of the dark, Mexican San Andres wrapper that they are adorned with.


The ME II was one of the talks of the trade show this year.  While it is not the first Mexican wrapped cigars Pete Johnson has created, it is among his best.  It combines the sweet and rich flavors of the wrapper with the zest and wood notes from its Nicaraguan filler and binder.  It is rolled into a box-pressed shape, one that Tatuaje has come to master.


While Connecticut broadleaf is always an easy choice for me, Mexican San Andres has been hit or miss.  The Tatuaje ME II, however, is a certifiable hit with great flavors, top-notch construction, and a great price point.

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Plasencia Alma del Fuego

Although the Plasencia family has been among the most sought-after blenders in the industry for decades, the only recently became a household name.  The family began to release a series of high-end cigars under their family name, starting with the Plasencia Alma Fuerte.


From the moment I smoked that cigar, I called that I would be rated in the Top 25, which it was.  That was followed up by the more medium-bodied Alma del Campo.  This year, we have the powerful and fiery Plasencia Alma del Fuego.


The Alma del Fuego, which translates to “Soul of Fire, uses tobaccos from the island of Ometepe in Nicaragua.  The island was formed by two volcanos, giving it a nutrient-rich soul.  This translates into a rich, smoky and very flavorful smoke.  This cigar signals another solid entry into the already legendary Alma series.

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Crowned Heads La Coalicion

This cigar was the perfect storm for a guy like me.  First, it is a collaboration between two of my favorite companies, Crowned Heads and Drew Estate.  Second, it uses my absolute favorite wrapper, the coveted Connecticut broadleaf.  Both companies are well known for their use of this wrapper, which makes the  La Coalicion a truly special release.


The cigar was blended over the course of a year by Jon Huber and Willy Herrera, who worked tirelessly to get it just right.  It uses aged long-filler tobaccos from the Dominican Republic and Nicaragua, a rich Sumatran binder, and of course a dark and oily broadleaf wrapper.  This gives it a creamy and dark flavor, with notes of nuts, espresso, and leather.


Between the actual blend, the story behind it and its overall branding, this was one of my favorite releases this year and is definitely going to be a Top 25 contender.


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