Nebraska still smokin for now

November 6, 2014

Back around Labor Day, I told you about how Nebraska’s cigar bars were going to have to shut down.  Seems an Omaha pool hall challenged the smoking ban and ended up getting all the exemptions removed especially for the state’s cigar bars.  Now comes word that the State Liquor Control Commission is allowing the bars to renew their smoking licenses pending an appeal. (All of their licenses would have expired last Friday.)  It was the state’s Supreme Court that struck down the cigar bar exemption but then in an act of common sense, another part of the state got involved.

The Nebraska Attorney General’s Office subsequently asked the court to rehear the case, arguing in part that the judges failed to properly consider that lawmakers intended to protect cigar bars and tobacco shops from going out of business.

The actual appeal ruling could come any day, but in the meantime, the cigar bars remain open.  Smoke em if ya got em.


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