Nat Sherman: One of the Most Famous Names in Premium Cigars

May 16, 2019

The history of Nat Sherman Cigars goes all the way back to New York City circa 1930 when founder Nat Sherman started his luxury cigar and cigarette business located at 1400 Broadway, right in the heart of bustling Manhattan. This journey first began when Nat Sherman was the half owner of Traub Brothers and Bear, makers of the Epoca cigar brand, which was made in Havana, Cuba and Tampa, Florida. This lucrative venture first introduced the then nightclub proprietor into the world of premium cigar manufacturing. Sherman subsequently bought out his partner to become the sole owner of the Epoca brand, and it was one of the featured brands in his new shop for several years. The Nat Sherman company also was the exclusive importer and distributor of the Cuban-made Bolivar brand in the United States. Years later, after the Cuban embargo, the Bolivar brand opened a manufacturing arm in Honduras, where it’s still being produced today.

Soon after setting up shop, Nat Sherman’s store quickly became a stomping ground of smokers that encompassed everybody from movie stars, famous athletes, gangsters, tourists, and just about anybody else, that loved a good high-end smoke.

During the 1960s, the Nat Sherman shop expanded its inventory to include pipes. Over 1,000 pipes were offered for sale in a 40-foot long case hung along the wall of the store. The company also began to sell pipe tobacco under the “Nat Sherman” brand name. During this time of growth and expansion, the company’s pipe and pipe tobacco department was perhaps the largest and best in all of New York City and the United States

Premium brands such as Metropolitan Selection and Host Selection were created in the ’90s and became so popular in his retail store that cigar aficionados visiting the city would scoop up plenty of boxes. In the late 1990s and early 2000’s when Social Media became king, and online cigar shopping became more of the norm, these two enormously popular brands could be purchased both in the Nat Sherman store, as well by buying them online from many cigar company websites located throughout the country.

In 2011, the Sherman family business really reached new heights of popularity with a brand called Nat Sherman Timeless that was made to appeal to the modern cigar smoker’s palate. It made Cigar Aficionado’s Top 25 of 2012 list and would go on to become a top seller for the company. Nat Sherman would continue to expand its cigar portfolio with famous brands such as Timeless Nicaragua, Sterling, 1930, and even the resurrected Epoca.

Today, Nat Sherman continues to thrive by offering a large portfolio of brands made with the same quality and care as the original Epoca. At JR, we pride ourselves in carrying the full line of handmade premium Nat Sherman cigars that range in strength from mellow to full-bodied, allowing us to accommodate just about every style of smoker.

Be sure to order you’re your favorite Nat Sherman blend the next time you buy cigars online and enjoy a little piece of New York cigar smoking history.




Nat Sherman Metropolitan Selection



Nat Sherman Host Selection



Nat Sherman Timeless Collection Nicaragua



Nat Sherman Sterling Selection



Nat Sherman 1930



Nat Sherman Epoca




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