Nat Sherman 1930

June 14, 2016

Any cigar smoker who has ever set foot in New York City has always had one name on their mind.  It is the name of one of Americas most iconic tobacconists, a New York landmark, and a world-renowned cigar family.  That name is the legendary Nat Sherman.  With their first store opening up 86 years ago, Nat Sherman has cemented their place in the pantheon of cigar greats.  Not only are they a leading manufacturer, they are one of the oldest tobacconists in this country.   It is only natural that the company would want to craft an amazing cigar to commemorate the year they began their great journey.

It’s safe to say that the past few blends created by Nat Sherman have gone above and beyond.  Their Timeless collection was even ranked in Cigar Aficionados Top 25.  In this latest line, Nat Sherman offers amazing construction, a complex profile, and simple yet elegant design.  They have teamed up with legendary manufacturer Quesada to bring you a cigar as rich in taste as the brand is in history.

The Nat Sherman 1930 is a delicious and smooth medium to full bodied smoke.  It is rolled with a combination of vintage long filler tobaccos from both the Dominican Republic and Nicaragua.  This mix gives it both sweet and spicy notes.  It is then covered in a rare, deep brown Dominican wrapper.  The outer leaf gives it notes of cocoa, espresso, and cedar with a slightly tingly spice at the end.  They are packaged in wooden boxes of 24 with the 1930 branded right on the front.

There are certain values we here at JR cigar hold above all else.  These include quality, luxury, commitment, and loyalty.  These are also the same qualities shared by Nat Sherman and they are expressed beautifully in this amazing smoke.  Stop by and pick up your box today.


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