My Bad

November 18, 2014

Last week was Veteran’s  Day and while my gratitude to our Vets knows no bounds, I forgot one special Vet,  Richard Overton.  Mr. Overton lives here in Texas and at 108 he is believed to be the oldest living vet. Last Tuesday, he spent part of the day serving as the Grand Marshal of Austin’s Veterans Day parade.  Then he went back to his usual habits… smoking cigars and having a little whiskey.   Ya gotta love him.  Mr. Overton smokes cigars every day… how many?  Oh, about 12 a day.

“I smoke my cigars, blow the smoke out — I don’t swallow it.”

When Mr. Overton met the President a year ago for Veterans Day, he gave President Obama a box of cigars.  He attributes his long life to living stress free…he enjoys his cigars (no word on what they are) and whiskey in his coffee in the morning and a little more whiskey at night.   He still drives and works in the yard. Now this man knows the secret of life!


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