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September 25, 2014

We’ve often heard that smoking bans do not impact business.  Right.  Witness the catastrophic failure of Downing Street in Houston,  the cigar bar that went smoke free in February and was out of business by May.  Or the casino in Atlantic City Revel that was proudly non smoking, until it hit bankruptcy. Then it quickly added smoking sections—too bad it was too late and is now shuttered.   Now in Macon, Georgia, comes yet another example of how “smoking bans do not affect business”.  Fortunately this one was done by the business owner and not by the city or state.   The Hummingbird Stage and Taproom’s owner announced in late August that the bar was going smoke free September first.  He said it was part of his clean air campaign.  17 days into the clean air” experiment, the owner changed his mind.

Hummingbird owner Tim Obelgoner says they’re tossing out their no-smoking rule after less than three weeks because they’ve lost business.

And many of their loyal smoking customers made it clear that banning smoking was the wrong move, Obelgoner said.

Perhaps he is not a fast learner because he said he may ban smoking again.  It is his business and he can do what he wants.


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