Mazel Tov

December 12, 2014

Marvin Samel from Drew Estate came to Dallas this past weekend.  He held a couple of dinners with people and was talking about the Willy Herrera Esteli, the Herrera NorteñoACID, Liga Privada and Undercrown among others.  He gave away Ratzillas which are the big brothers of the Dirty Rat in the Unico series.  But one of the reasons Marvin comes to Dallas often is that his lovely wife Netta is from here.  Her parents still live in the Dallas area and Marvin made an announcement at a cigar dinner with father-in-law, Avi, that he and Netta are going to be parents.  The two are expecting twins on March 20th.  Congratulations to both Marvin and Netta….I wonder what cigar Marvin will be handing out…with twins, shouldn’t there be two cigars?


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