Maybe It’s Time to Start Smoking a Pipe.

May 14, 2015

So you are thinking about taking up pipe smoking? Well, you’ve come to the right place! You may not know this, but JR Cigar has a tremendous selection of pipes that can easily rival any pipe shop. Some of you may assume that a company called JR Cigar would not be in the pipe business-that’s understandable. If I went into a store called JR Pants, I would probably think they didn’t sell shirts. Does that make any sense? No? … I didn’t think so, so let us move on.

For those of you that have never experienced this hobby, it is a completely different style of enjoyment. Pipe smoking is an art that requires thought and dedication: the rituals of loading your pipe, then lighting and tamping to produce a wonderful smoke, take patience and practice. However, once mastered you are in for a top-quality smoking experience like no other. Not to mention, your choice of smoking blends are endless, and unlike a cigar that ends up in an ashtray, a fine piece of briar is a collectible item that will remain with you for a lifetime.

A (very)brief history:

In the early part of the last century, pipe smoking was the norm- men actually considered their pipes to be part of their haberdashery. Tobacconists would fit the shape of the pipe to complement a gentleman’s face structure and choice of clothing. Many high-class clothing stores carried pipes, not only for smoking pleasure but also as a distinct fashion statement.

From the 1930’s right through the 1950’s, many young men started smoking pipes when they entered college. This was their way of saying, “Now I am an intellectual college lad.” Oh, how wonderful it must have been for these fraternity brats, clad in cardigan sweaters and bow ties, to stand around the piano with pipes in hand, gleefully singing their school’s theme song. Now let’s fast forward to 2015: these same guys’ grandkids are trying to figure out how to pay off a $200,000 student loan and still be able to afford a top-rated stick that has subtle hints of charred wood, balsamic vinegar, and nutmeg. Boy have times changed!

While pipe smoking was fairly common throughout the 1960’s and early part of the 1970’s, its prevalence seemed to decline with all but the loyal hobbyists. People were simply not sticking with the hobby; It suddenly became a lost art, (especially amongst the young, who were often jeered, and found it more increasingly difficult to find friends that didn’t belong to a Chess Club).

I have a guess as to why these numbers dwindled. People were buying the wrong types of pipes and filling them with shitty tobacco. Years ago, even the cheapo pipes and tobaccos were made better than those being made up until recently.

However, I’m happy to report that all of that has changed. Today, pipe manufacturers are producing some exquisite works of art -many that are very affordable. In addition, the vast selection of pipe tobaccos are better than ever.

Knowing that the pipe industry is once again in a renaissance, JR Cigar is packed to the gills with some of the greatest pipes and smoking blends on the planet. With names like Savinelli, Tsuge, Erik Nording, Molina, Dr.Grabow, and Peterson, (just to name a few), this is the perfect time to either start your journey, or give pipe smoking a second chance.


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