L’Atelier Surrogates

March 13, 2015

It is a rare occurrence in this industry when you meet someone with not only a limitless knowledge of tobacco, but also the creativity and innovation to make his cigars completely unique. This is the case of legendary Pete Johnson,  who began working with Pepin Garcia in crafting his famed Tatuaje line way back in 2003. Tatuaje cigars have received universal acclaim not only because they are outstanding smokes, but be also because of the ingenuity and distinct look to the brand:  modern and cool, yet sleek and simple.

When Pete felt he had reached his limit with the Tatuaje line, he looked to expand his portfolio and, in 2012, he created L’Atelier Imports, a line of high quality and limited quantity.  Like all of his previous endeavors, the L’Atelier has achieved great success and critical acclaim.  This brings us to his most recent addition to the L’Atelier line; The Surrogates.  Wishing to create a series of powerful cigars that were limited but also affordable, Pete ensured that each cigar under the Surrogate name offered a unique flavor profile, shape, and name. The Bone Crusher and Skull Breaker are powerful robustos with Connecticut Broadleaf wrappers and subtle notes of coffee and earth.  The Tramp Stamp is a medium- bodied robusto with a covered foot and an Ecuadorian Habano Seed Oscuro wrapper.  The Crystal Baller is a Toro with a Habano Seed wrapper, giving it a sweet and spicy taste.  The Satin Glove is the only Churchill size and uses a dark Mexican San Andreas wrapper.

So far, the most popular two sizes have been the 6×60 Animal Cracker and its little brother, the cigarillo sized Cracker Crumbs.  Both bear Habano Oscuro wrappers, making them dark and rich with blasts of pepper, coffee, and nutmeg.  The Cracker Crumbs has taken the cigar world by storm and its popularity is still climbing; it takes a true innovator to create a cigarillo size that has become this popular.  All of these cigars are quite limited and they are currently available at Jrcigars.com.  Better Hurry!!




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