January 19, 2016

Anyone familiar with the premium cigar world will recognize the name Christian Eiora. Still a very young man, Mr.Eiora has spent his entire professional career exclusively in the tobacco and cigar business. He garnered his initial fame when he became the president of Camacho Cigars and released a plethora of highly rated brands under that marque. After selling the company to the Davidoff Group, he took a short hiatus and then burst back onto the scene with a passion when he created the CLE brand that he fashioned after his own initials.

Still considered the reigning king of the Honduran stick, Christian’s new company immediately began topping the charts with a couple of highly rated offerings, with many more sure-fire winners already on the way. Therefore, when he came to us with an idea for a new cigar that would be a JR exclusive, you bet that we were very elated!

However, we will never fully understand what was running through Eiroa’s mind when he named his latest premium creation Kimbao. We quickly found out that Kimbao is Cuban slang for crazy, nuts, or toasted. This makes one think that if he were Jewish, would he have named our new cigar “Mashugana” a Yiddish term that means the same thing. Well, he’s not- and it isn’t- so let us move on!!

Kimbao handmade premium cigars are skillfully crafted at Christian’s renowned El Aladino factory in Honduras. Right off the bat, you cannot help notice the funky (almost psychedelic design) on the box. Each cigar within, is also strikingly banded with the same funky artwork.

To create this objet d’art, (look it up), the talented artisans at CLE procured the very best binder and filler tobaccos from Honduras, Nicaragua, and Peru. Than after much trial and error, Christian and the gang settled on a gorgeous deep brown and oily Honduran San Andres wrapper for its exquisite, texture, taste, and aroma.

After all of the hard work was completed, these beauties were laid to rest until Christian felt they had reached their absolute pinnacle of flavor.

The result of this long labor of love is a medium-bodied smoke with impeccable build-quality that burns very slow and even while delivering lush fragrant notes of cedar, spice, leather, earth and a buttery smooth finish that will have you craving more.

Now you would probably think a luxury smoke of this nature would cost an arm and a leg, but, it’s quite the opposite because the crazy affordable Kimbao cigar only tastes expensive!

Kimbao handmade Cigars are available in three very popular big-ring gauge sizes, the 6 X 52, the 5 X 50, and the bold and beefy 6 X 60.

The next time you order your favorite premium cigars online at JR, be sure to add a box (or two) to your shopping cart- You’d be Kimbao (insane) not to!


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