JR Cigars November Gift Buying Guide

November 12, 2019

JR Cigars November Gift Buying Guide

The minute Halloween ends, everybody gets into full-blown holiday mode.  Except for the few days set aside for Thanksgiving, it is going to be Christmas for the next two months.  For those of you who are looking to get a head start on your holiday shopping, the time is now.

Each year, the team here at JR Cigar puts together a holiday gift guide.  This is great for someone who isn’t familiar with cigars who want to buy for a family member or friend, or even for someone who is new to the cigar community and wants to simplify the process.

Let us all take a gander at the 2019 JR Cigar Holiday Gift Guide 


Dominican Master Sampler

For years, Dominican cigars have been known as the perfect cigar for the new aficionado.  While there are several Dominican blends that are strong and intense, Dominican cigars are still the best choice for smooth, creamy and mellow smokes.


This Master Sampler contains some of the best-selling and most popular, mellow Dominican smokes.  It has the full-range from solid, everyday smokes to high-end premium choices.

This sampler carries such top brands as Montecristo, Casa Blanca, and Romeo y Julieta.  Best of all, you can receive these 10 cigars for a fraction of their MSRP.  This is great to get for someone who is either a mellow smoker or even someone who knows likes cigars but is unsure of their preference.

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Xikar Blue Line Gift Set

While there are several high-end accessory companies, Xikar truly is in a league of their own.  They are responsible for some of the most iconic and reliable cigar accessories including the tear-drop cutter design and a full line of high-end lighters.

They are also well-known for their gift sets.  The Blue Line was made in honor of the brave men and women who serve our country as officers of the law.  The set contains some of Xikars’ best-selling accessories, with a blue and black design along with an American Flag.

In this set, you will get the iconic Xi1 teardrop cutter, a blue and black ELX butane lighter, and a sporty six-cigar ashtray.  This is great not only for an average cigar smoker but for a collector or a police officer as well.

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Oso’s Sizzling Sampler

One of our best-selling samplers, the Oso Sizzling pack has everything for an up and coming cigar smoker.  It not only comes with over 20 cigars, but also a desktop humidor and all for a ridiculously low price.

For under $50, you get 25 top-notch cigars.  This includes high-end brands such as Montecristo and Romeo y Julieta, as well as rich and complex everyday brands like La Finca and our popular Nicaraguan overruns.

All these cigars come packaged in a solid, Spanish cedar, desktop humidor.  This is a great gift for a friend or family member who wants an array of new cigars to try and it’s the perfect starter kit.

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Mackin’ Maduro Sampler

As many of you might know, I am a Maduro fanatic.  I love a dark, rich wrapper that is just bursting with flavor.  That’s why the Mackin Maduro pack is among one of my favorites.  It offers up a selection of some of the top Maduro cigars in the industry.

This 12 cigar pack has Maduro cigars from four major brands.  They include Oliva, El Rey del Mundo, CAO and Nub.  You get four of each of these cigars for under $40, which is well under the MSRP of these top-line smokes.

If you are someone you know is a Maduro cigar fan, there will be no better holiday gift than the Mackin Maduros.

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