JetLine Cigar Lighters: Distinctive, Stylish, and Affordable!

February 26, 2019

Jetline cigar lighters are affordable, reliable, and highly functional, as well as being the first brand to introduce a quad-flame torch to the cigar accessory industry.  Premium Jetline cigar lighters offers the cigar aficionado a clean burning torch flame wherever they chose to smoke, as well as sporting some of the most creative, distinctive, and stylish designs available today, with vibrant colors, various flames, and some of the best construction in the business

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The Jetline Bolero Triple Flame cigar lighter, available in a classy black, vibrant Red, Silver, and eye-catching Yellow, is your all in one cigar lighting and cutting machine. These top-quality lighters feature a flip top lid, fuel level window, side mount trigger, and a very handy cigar punch, allowing you to leave that bulky cutter at home. Durable, unique, and attractive, The premium Bolero cigar lighters all feature a state-of-the-art electric quartz crystal ignition system and wind resistant flames. Whether golfing, hiking, fishing, or just sitting back in your comfy’ recliner, the Bolero Triple Flame has you covered.

The DT 101 Jetline Carbon Fiber Quad Table Lighter is a rugged, durable, good looking, lighting machine! With four powerful flames, a side mounted trigger, an oversized flame adjuster, and a high capacity fuel tank, torching your favorite premium cigars will be easy, incredibly accurate, and fun. The elegant design and unique form factor look great, feels comfortable in the hand, and highlights any office, home, or cigar den’s décor.

Shaped like a handgun, the JetLine DT-500 cigar lighters come in Black and Black, Red and Black, and Yellow and Black finishes, allows you to light your favorite premium cigars in cool-looking style. Boasting four powerful flames, and a single action trigger ignition, this unique tabletop or hand-held gem is ready to torch any stick you throw at it with ease. The distinctive handgun shape feels incredibly comfortable, yet sturdy to the feel. As a safety feature, your DT-500 has a protective flip-top lid to prevent accidental firing.

Take a closer look at all our Jetline cigar lighters available right here at JR, and find the model that best suits your taste, lifestyle, and budget.


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