IPCPR: The Crowned Heads – Court Reserve XVIII

July 23, 2018

Since 2011, Jon Huber and his team at the Crowned Heads have dazzled us with innovative cigars, enticing blends and a retro, Americana theme.  Each one of their releases, from their first cigar, the Four Kicks, to their highly sought after yearly release Las Calaveras, The Crowned Heads has risen to be one of the top producers of boutique cigars in the country.  At this years IPCPR trade show in Las Vegas, Jon, and his team unveiled their newest venture, a cigar that acts as a sign of appreciation to their devoted fan base.

The cigar is called the Crowned Heads Court Reserve XVIII.  Explaining the name choice in an official statement Jon stated “ “The genesis and inspiration of the company name ‘Crowned Heads’ was a far cry from anything ‘royal;’ however, over the years the Crowned Heads legion of supporters has been quietly and reverently referred to as our ‘Court’. By literal definition, a court is an extended royal household, which in some cases would be comprised of thousands of individuals. CHC Reserve was crafted specifically with a spirit of gratitude and humility towards those and for those that have supported Crowned Heads over the years.”

We have seen similar releases in recent years, such as the Room 101 Big Payback, which was essentially a high end smoke with a budget price as a reward to Matt Booths loyal customers.  The Court Reserve is hand crafted in the work renowned factory of Ernesto Carrillo.  It uses aged Nicaraguan filler tobacco along with an Ecuadorian binder and stunning Mexican San Andres wrapper.

This was a big year at the 2018 IPCPR show.  Some of the most exciting releases in years are heading to retailers soon, including the Crowned Heads Court Reserve XVIII.  Keep checking here at JR Cigars for updates and inventory information for all the newest cigar releases.


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