IPCPR 2016 – General Cigar

July 25, 2016

General Cigars booth is always a wonder to see when attending the tradeshow.  They always have one of the biggest and most vibrant booths as well as some of the most anticipated releases of the year.  It took me a while to even get in there for some pictures and video, but I know a guy who knows a guy so I got in.  Among the plethora of releases from General this year, two really stuck out that I believe you are all really going to enjoy.  They just so happen to be among the best-selling cigar brands in the country and carry with them a reputation for flavor, luxury, and tradition.


Cohiba is among the most recognizable names in cigar history.  I believe they contend with Montecristo as being the most familiar names to both aficionados and nonsmokers alike.  They have done this by being committed to their craft and only offering up the finest products.  This year’s release is no different.  The Cohiba Macassar is a true work of art.  It is beautifully constructed with the finest vintage tobaccos to offer you a luxurious smoking experience.  Its Dominican and Nicaraguan long filler tobaccos are all aged an extra year in rum barrels to add even more flavor.  This is similar to how the popular Commodore line was created.  They are then covered in a pristine Connecticut Havano wrapper.  It had a very nice hint of spice all the way through with notes of leather and black pepper with a delicious sweet spice at the end.  The boxes are all made of a rare Macassar ebony, hence the name.  I can imagine the line to pick these up is already out the door.


The second big release comes to one of my favorite brands of all time, La Gloria Cubana.  First crafted by legend E.P. Carillo, this brand has grown every year. Now, with maestro Michael Giannini at the helm, it has flourished and even begun to use Nicaraguan tobacco.  The release of the firs Nicaraguan La Gloria, the Serie R Black, showcased the versatility of the brand.  Now, they are attending a dark and rich extension to this powerful line.  The Serie R Black Maduro uses all the same vintage Nicaraguan tobaccos as its predecessor with one big difference.  It is now cloaked in an oily Connecticut Broadleaf maduro wrapper.  The dark chocolate and cocoa notes of the wrapper mix seamlessly with the spice and pepper of the Nicaraguan tobaccos creating a dynamite cigar.


These were only two of the many General releases this year, and I will be writing more on them as they come.  Make sure to follow up as I get to try the new CAO Consiglire, a new take on one of my all time favorite CAO cigars.


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