IPCPR 2016 – Day 1

July 26, 2016

This glorious event I snow underway and the crew here at JR Cigar is already buying up some of the hottest releases. To say that the shear amount of new cigars is staggering would be an understatement.   I’ve had the chance to sit with some of the biggest manufacturers and try out some of the hottest new releases. Today and tomorrow are by far the busiest days of the show, so it was tough to get any facetime with these guys.  However, due to my charming personality I was able to persuade them to talk to me.


Robert Caldwell may have started out small two years ago, but this year he has two of the most anticipated releases of the entire show.  The first one is a delicious medium bodied blend that’s already making waves around the internet.  The Anastasia is a rich and flavorful smoke blended for Caldwell by the master of the Dominican, Ernesto Carillo.  Robert wasn’t too forthcoming on the blend, but he did state its is one of his favorite smokes to date.  The second release is the much anticipated collaboration with Drew Estate, the All Out Kings.  When this was first announced the cigar industry could not have been more excited.  The creativity and craftsmanship of Caldwell with knowledge and extensive tobacco vaults of Drew Estate. This one is going ot be a must have.


AJ Fernandez has become a giant in the industry in a short few years.  This year will see the release of a few new blends, including a super limited edition San Lotano.  However, for JR fans, there is something very special in the works. Its called the Montecristo by AJ Fernandez.  It is exclusive to JR Cigar and is an absolutely delicious box press.  You’ll be able to see them this fall.  After AJ, I went over and talked to Viaje front man Andre Farkas who has a very exciting cigar planned.  It is a combination of his Zombie line and thanksgiving release known as the Farmer Bill Hatchet.  Expect to see it around the holidays!


After many years of trying, I finally got to speak to the great Pete Johnson of Tatuaje, and boy does he have a lot of new releases.  In addition to new sizes for the Crystal Baller and La Mission, he is also revisiting the famed Black Label.  He also announced his latest addition to his Monster Series, the Krueger.  Named after the horrible antagonist from Nightmare on Elm street, these delicious smokes have a shape based on Freddys sharp knife fingers.  They are eerily good.  I then got to catch up with my good friends at MoyaRuiz and discussed their new Civil Disobedience line and the release of the powerful Dim Mak  These are sure to bring out their legions of fans when they hit stores.


Make sure to keep checking out Facebook and Instagram for pictures and video of all the new cigars and post questions for me to ask your favorite cigar personalities.  Viva Las Vegas!





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