IPCPR 2016

July 24, 2016

For many of the younger generation, there are very few things that seem to excite us anymore. We are able to access information at the blink of an eye and we have become numb to the passion and the thrill of progress. For many of the over 50 population in this country, they still remember what is was like when the Worlds Fair was around. When the brightest minds from around the world came together in one place to showcase the newest developments in technology, culture, cuisine and more. Now, you can just google when is the new iphone released and you’ll have your answer. No more anticipation or wonder, just an answer. Well I yearn for that excitement and the passion my father felt standing in Queens New York all those years ago, seeing some of the first computers ever built. There is one event in my life that offers me a similar feeling. Which is why I’m very pleased to be covering the 2016 International Premium Cigar and Pipe Retailers tradeshow live all this week from Las Vegas. I will have the opportunity to sit down with the best minds in the business and get an inside look into their new releases.

As many of you know, this trade show carries a special significance. A few months ago the FDA passed it regulations concerning the premium cigar industry. While I will not get into specifics here, I will say this ruling has the potential to change the industry as we know it, especially when it comes to new products and special releases. However, do I think these regulations will cause this to be a sullen event? Do I think the effects of the FDA will destroy the mood and the momentum and the creativity of the manufacturers? Absolutely not. I believe we are about to witness something extraordinary. I think we will see the largest amount of new releases in history. I believe the manufacturers have found renewed vigor and with an almost divine inspiration will churn out some of the most delicious and creative cigars in recent memory. These regulations have forced us to think fast and on our feet, which I know is when I do some of my best work.

I think we are in for a cigar event that will never be forgotten. When the cigar world can come together with one voice and say we will not be stopped. You cannot stop our creativity, you cannot stop our passion and you most certainly cannot stop our industry. I will be there to witness it all, and I will be covering it live so that all of you can share in the magic and the wonder. Let’s stand together and celebrate this momentous occasion and make sure to follow me every step of the way.


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