Intenso- A Smokin’ Hot New Cigar from Gispert

April 14, 2017

Gispert cigars from Honduras, remains the ideal smoke for connoisseurs in search of rich, medium body flavor. Not too strong or mellow, these popular smokes are lush, creamy, and oozing with coffee, natural tobacco sweetness, hints of cocoa, caramel, and cedar throughout. For the longest time this was the only blend aside from the original Cuban that bore the famous Gispert name. Now, to appeal to that segment of seasoned enthusiasts that demand the ultimate in hi-octane power from a premium cigar, the company is proud to introduce the explosive new Gispert Intenso.

Intenso, the first and only Nicaraguan Gispert, is a joint collaboration between the Grupo de Maestros from Altadis U.S.A and cigar legend AJ Fernandez. Unless you are a total newbie, you all know the magical master of the leaf AJ, for he is the illustrious name behind some of the hottest and best-selling blends on the planet—and that even includes certain parts of South Dakota!  However, for those not familiar with the great Grupo’s, they are an elite group of cigar makers and blenders handpicked for their individual expertise and decades in the biz creating some of the finest handmade cigars that the world has ever known— in other words— these dudes really know their stuff! So, when both of them teamed up to create a recipe that employs a very dark and oily Connecticut Broadleaf wrapper over a Nicaraguan binder and perfectly aged long filler tobaccos from the Dominican Republic and Nicaragua, the result was a dark and intensely delicious full-body maduro creation that would even make the founding fathers of the Gispert brand proud!

Resting inside a handsomely designed black and gold box, you will find twenty stunning, dark brown almost black vitolas with the solid construction and sturdy feel that one would expect from such a monumental offering. For those that like their sticks long and lean they offer the 5 x 44 Corona. Also available is the Toro in a most popular 6 x 50 size. And lastly, but certainly not “leastly”, figurado fans will marvel at the stunning 6.13 × 52-ring Belicoso.

After choosing your ideal size or sizes, that’s where the fun begins, because once lit, these slow burning beauties unleash mouthwatering maduro flavors of chocolate, cinnamon, leather, spice, and a natural tobacco sweetness on the palate that will have you savoring every fragrant puff.  You might even make the ‘mmm’ sound—or in rare cases, start singing show tunes!

A much anticipated line extension to its tame, yet scrumptious Honduran cousin, Gispert Intenso is ready to set the stogie world on fire with its refined power and sophistication. So before they become so much of a hit that you have to beg your stingy friend to gift you one… and then drive his sloppy drunk ass home, why not get in on the ground floor and order yours today right here at JR Cigar.


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