Here’s a Toast To The Perdomo Special Craft Series Cigars!

August 3, 2015

It sure took a heckuva’ long time, but finally a premium cigar company is showing some respect for the zillions of beer drinkers.  You see, many of us love to relax while throwing back a few cold ones and puffing on a great cigar, but until now, pairing your favorite stick with the perfect brew was a topic rarely discussed.  Thankfully, Nick Perdomo and gang, makers of some of the finest Nicaraguan brands on the planet has answered our call! Introducing the Perdomo Special Craft Series, cigars specifically blended to pair with beer – and boy are they awesome!

Knowing that we all prefer different strength cigars and various types of brew, Nick has taken the guesswork out of the pairing process and created three distinct line extensions with the “suds” connoisseur in mind. These are all amazing, top-quality smokes, so let’s take a closer look at all of them.

Perdomo Special Craft Series Amber

Cloaked in a Cuban-seed Nicaraguan Sun Grown wrapper from the Jalapa valley, a Nicaraguan binder from the Condega Valley, and the very best Cuban-seed Nicaraguan long-fillers from the volcanic soils of Estelí. The Perdomo Special Craft Series Amber is medium to full-bodied in strength, with bold notes of leather, spice, almond, and oak. Those who drink Pale Ales, Lagers, Oktoberfest’s, and IPAs, will find the Craft Series Amber the perfect smoke to accompany these fine beers.

Perdomo Special Craft Series Pilsner

These very special smokes feature a creamy Connecticut Shade wrapper, a Nicaraguan binder, and aged Nicaraguan long-fillers. Mild to medium bodied in strength, the Perdomo Special Craft Series Pilsner displays notes of caramel, cream, sweet spice and earth. Your favorite Pilsner, White or Cream Ale, Golden or Light lager will really come to life with the Perdomo Special Craft Series Pilsner.

Perdomo Special Craft Series Stout

Perdomo Special Craft Series Stout comes cloaked in a dark, oily, Jalapa Valley Nicaraguan maduro wrapper cradling a Nicaraguan binder and aged Nicaraguan Cuban-seed long-fillers from the fertile Condega and Estelí growing regions. The cigar is medium to full-bodied with bold rich flavors of dark chocolate, coffee, sweet spice, and earth. This blend will match up perfectly with stouts, porters, brown ales, bocks, and imperial stouts – not to mention a juicy sirloin steak smothered in onions!

There is no one in the industry like Nick Perdomo; his bold persona is backed by a long tradition of quality and excellence that has distinguished him as a master cigar blender, company owner, and creative genius. Perdomo premium cigars run the gamut from mild to full-bodied, and feature a wide variety of profiles and wrapper shades, many aged for ten-plus years. No matter what your budget, Nick has the perfect stick for you!

The Perdomo Special Craft Series line of cigars is yet another very special offering from this legendary company… Heck, I’ll drink to that!


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