H. Upmann 175th Anniversary

September 11, 2019

This was one of the bigger years for Altadis USA. First, they celebrated the 50th anniversary of their Tabacalera de Garcia factory, which was the theme behind their new Montecristo Cincuenta release.  It was also the 175th anniversary of one of the most storied brands in the cigar industry.  In 1844, the H.Upmann brand was first introduced in Cuba and it has gone on to be a staple of the premium cigar community.  To celebrate this monumental occasion, AUSA has crafted no just one of the finest H.Upmann cigars ever, but in my mind one of the best AUSA cigars ever.

The H.Upmann 175th Anniversary is a limited edition cigar produced for AUSA by the legendary Nicaraguan blender AJ Fernandez. Rolled at his factory in Esteli, this Nicaraguan puro features special wrapper tobacco. It is a three-year-old Medio Tiempo leaf, which is the highest on the tobacco plant. Its fermentation process was quite unique where the tobacco was inserted between broadleaf tobaccos to a quite unique profile.  Notes of deep rich coffee and chocolate combined with a dash of spice and dried fruits to create a flavorful but incredibly smooth cigar.

This limited edition cigar is available in a single vitola, a staunch 7X50 Churchill.  There are two available packagings, a standard box of 10 or a limited edition 50 count Anniversary humidor.  This is a similar style to how Habanos SA releases their new Anniversary or Limited editions.

I was dead set on a name the Montecristo Cincuenta the best AUSA cigar of the year and one of the best overall, however, after smoking the new Upmann, I have to say I am torn.  Its flavor profile, its construction, its presentation and its story all make it one of the best cigars I’ve had the pleasure to smoke this year.  Enjoy the new H.Upmann 175th Anniversary today at JR Cigars.

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