Get Ready For Our Spectacular -12 Days of Christmas Specials

December 1, 2015

It seems almost hard to believe that another full year has passed since Jolly St. Nick last came down our chimney, and 2015 was a particularly rough one for all of us. Therefore, just in time for the much-needed holidays, we are happy to offer you 12 Days of Christmas Specials, and to honor every single day, we will be featuring a new and exciting deal on some of our bestselling, top-rated, premium cigars.

Just think of it as twelve Black Friday’s without the risk of losing an appendage trying to grab the last $6.00 toaster oven at Wally Mart – ouch!

Well, I’m exaggerating … but you get the idea- it’s gonna’ be great!

We will be having stogy deals galore, and since most of you will be getting ugly ties and fuzzy slippers instead of those special cigars you were begging for, you will have more than enough time to make amends, and get the smokes that you really wanted- at rock-bottom prices!

For those of you making a list and checking it twice, can you think of a better way to make that special herfer in your life any merrier than by giving him or her some brand new sticks for twelve straight days? And if you so choose, the 12 Days Special will be happening early enough to present said “giftee” with a whole bunch of tasty tobacco bright and early on Christmas morning.

Furthermore, you certainly don’t have to celebrate Christmas to take advantage of these offers, In fact, with only eight crazy nights of Chanukah, if you do the math , you’ll be getting 4 extra gifts—Oy … such a deal !!

It’s too early to tell you what these awesome specials are, but we can tell you that they will fantastic! Therefore, whether you’ve been naughty or nice, are giving, or receiving, keep your eyes peeled and your finger ready to hit the “add to cart” button. Because you won’t want to miss out on any of these blockbuster 12 Days of Christmas Specials!


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