Top Five Cigar Cutters

September 25, 2019

Five Unique and Innovative Cigar Cutters

The Cigar Cutter is the smokers essential carry along with accessory, but it doesn’t have to be standard or boring. That said, if you’re looking to add a little panache to your cutting regiment,  these 5 top-quality models, from some of the biggest names in the biz, will make the fine art of cutting your cigars unique, fun, and innovative.

The Colibri Quasar Cigar Cutter

Available in your choice of a  stunning red, vibrant blue or black finish, the Colibri Quasar Cut Black Cutter offers a revolutionary and great-looking way to cut your favorite premium cigars.  This patented double guillotine cigar cutter with unique skeleton shaped stainless-steel blades, features an innovative open-surface blade, allowing only the cutting edge to slice through the cigar. This avoids the possibility of accidentally tearing your wrapper.  It also features a 62-ring gauge aperture for large cigars, spring-loaded release, and Quasar pattern handle and release button. All these top features are incorporated within a sleek ergonomic design for a sure grip and a great feel in the hand.

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Xikar XO Cutter

Unlike any other cutting machine on the planet, the Xikar XO Cutter operates on a patent-pending planetary gear system, where the razor-sharp double steel blades open and close in perfect symmetry, providing a precise cut time after time. The unique round aluminum body is rugged and sleek in design. Imaginatively engineered to simplify the standard double guillotine style cut, the famous Xikar Company has transformed the way you cut a cigar. In addition, it’s pretty safe to say that and once you use an XO, you’ll never go back to using your standard cutter.

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Xikar Black Twist Punch With Key Ring

Not only does popular punch cutter look exactly like a spark plug, the super-sharp 7 mm Xikar stainless-steel blade perfectly puts a hole in the top of any size cigar without tearing the cap!  The key ring solidly holds your car and house keys with a solid firm grip. If you love both your cars and “gars”  This is a cool looking cigar cutter that will  strikingly display both of your passions!

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Lotus Jaws V-Cut Cigar Cutter

In the past V-Cutters were limited to the size of the cigars they could cut, normally no larger than a 46-ring,  however, that comes to an end with the premium quality Chrome Jaws V-Cut from Colibri. Jaws feature a dual razor-sharp stainless-steel v-shaped blades molded inside a sturdy, all Chrome metal housing. This stunning looking, a modernly designed gem from Lotus, will cut any cigar up to a 62-ring gauge with flawless precision time after time.

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Prestige Desktop Cigar Cutter

This unique tabletop cigar cutter features a rich premium walnut wood body and push handle, combined with chrome-plated hardware and a precision cutting mechanism. To operate, you simply set your cigar on to the cigar bed, slide it into place underneath the blade and press down on the handle for a clean and precise cut. The cut tobacco falls into the catch tray to prevent any mess. This top-shelf tabletop cigar cutter has a push-button locking mechanism that keeps the blade safely in place when not in use Perfect for the desktop, countertop or to proudly display in your man-cave, this handsome cigar cutter fits in with virtually any décor and makes for a great conversation piece.

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