Five Five Minute Smokes For The New Year

January 8, 2020

Five Five Minute Smokes For The New Year

2020 has finally arrived, and with it, the dreary cold weather that every cigar smoker dreads.  If you don’t have a man cave or a cigar lounge close by, the winter is the worst time for a cigar smoker.  However, there are some great, short options out there for a nice, quick smoke before you get frostbite.

There was a time where many cigarillos, or small machine-made cigars, were seen as low class or budget.  However, many of the top companies are now making cigarillo sizes of their best blends for you to enjoy quickly.  Let’s look at some of the top five minute smokes to enjoy early in 2020.

L'Atelier Travailleurs

Pete Johnson has this unique talent of creating smaller sizes that are not only popular but iconic, to the point where they constantly sell out.  We’ve seen this with the Surrogates Cracker Crumb and of course, the L’Atelier Travailleurs.

These Nicaraguan beauties are crafted by the My Father factory and use aged Nicaraguan tobacco throughout.  The result is a solid, flavorful smoke with a nice even burn and notes of pepper, leather, and cedar.  This is a great way to spend a little bit of your lunch break.

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Ashton Esquire

The Ashton Esquires was one of the first tines I ever bought, and to this day, they are among my favorites.  They maintain the reputation Ashton has gained for years by producing only the highest quality products.

The Esquires are made by the legendary Fuente family and use a variety of premium Dominican tobaccos to produce a smooth and flavorful cigar.  Notes of nuts and cream with just a dash of wood make this a complex but relatively quick smoke.

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Don Pepin Garcia Blue Demitasse

Before the My Father line really took off, I was smoking the Don Pepin Blue by the box.  It is an incredible smoke and showcases the talents of the Garcia family.  Now, they have a smaller, cigarillo sized version of this iconic cigar and it amazing.

The Pepin Garcia Blue Demitasse is a Nicaraguan smoke that is bursting with all the rich and zesty flavor of the original but in this time and budget-friendly size.  It features notes of pepper, leather, and the slightest touch of sweetness combined for a full smoke.  If you need to warm up quickly during these cold times, this is a great choice.

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Partagas Black Label Prontos

I’ve talked about the Partagas Black for years.  It is one of the best-full bodied cigars ever created and was the cigar that really turned me onto a fuller, more robust cigar lover.  It balances strength, flavor, and body in a nearly perfect way and will always be on my Mt. Rushmore of full-bodied cigars.

These small, Prontos can combine all that epic and intense flavor, and put it in a great little package.  You’ll still get the notes of dark chocolate, smoke, red pepper and earth that made the original so great.

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Montecristo White Pronto Petites

Is there a more iconic mellow cigar than the Montecristo White? I think not.  It is always my first recommendation to someone who is either new to the cigar community or someone who just prefers a smooth, mellow smoke.  Now, new smokers or even seasoned aficionados can enjoy a smaller, petite version of the original.

The Pronto Petites still use aged tobacco and can produce that creamy, smooth smoke and light nutty flavors, just in a smaller package.  If you need a quick cigar or need to walk the dog, light up a Montecristo White petite and you’ll be all set.

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