Five Cigars to Enjoy for Hispanic Heritage Month

October 10, 2019

Five Cigars to Enjoy for Hispanic Heritage Month

This month we celebrate the great and proud people of Hispanic heritage.  They are people with an incredibly rich culture and history that has influenced music, food and the arts around the world.

Seeing as the Hispanic nations and people have played such a tremendous role in the formation and continuation of the cigar business, it makes sense to enjoy some cigars that honor the proud people around the world whose talents and heritage have given us these amazing products.  Here are five cigars you should smoke this month to honor Hispanic Heritage Month.

H. Upmann Hispaniola by Jose Mendez

The H.Upmann Hispaniola by Jose Mendez takes its name from the island that encompasses both the Dominican Republic and Haiti.  The secondary name is taken from the legendary Mendez family whose tobacco has been used almost exclusively in Altadis blends for years.  They are known for the famed pilotico and Andullo tobaccos that Montecristo has used in several highly-rated cigars.

Using these tobaccos along with an Ecuadorian Sumatran wrapper gives us a spicy and rich cigar that is unlike any H.Upmann that has come before it.  This cigar not only showcases a complex blend but also highlights the people of the Dominican Republic, one of the largest cigar producing nations in the world.

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CAO Colombia

CAO has done wonderful work highlighting several Hispanic countries and their contributions to the cigar industry.  The CAO World Series showcases tobaccos from several nations that previously were unknown in the cigar industry.  This includes the zesty and flavorful CAO Colombia.


The CAO Colombia uses tobacco known as Ica Mazinga, rare tobacco grown in a very small region of Colombia near the coast.  After 15 years of cultivation, this tobacco was finally ready for use in a premium cigar.  Along with a Cameroon binder and Jamastran wrapper, the CAO Colombia offers up a unique and flavorful smoking experience while also displaying the growing prowess of Colombia.

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Foundation El Gueguense

While Nick Melillos heart will always be with his native Connecticut, he shares a special connection with Nicaragua and the Nicaraguan people.  In his debut cigar for his solo company, Nick decided to pay homage to the culture of the Nicaraguan people by naming the cigar El Gueguense.  This refers to a wise man in Nicaraguan folklore.


This cigar remains one of my personal favorites of all time.  With its Corojo wrapper and signature Nicaraguan tobaccos, it is incredibly flavorful and was the first Foundation cigar to get rated in the top 25 Cigars of the Year.  This is a testament both to Nick’s prowess as a blender and the people of Nicaragua.

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Bolivar Confradia

The Bolivar brand seems to have gotten slightly lost in recent years.  With so many new brands released every year, many people forget that the Bolivar brand was at one point one of the best-selling cigars in the country.   The cigar takes its name from the legendary Simon Bolivar, a major figure in the independence of several South and Central American countries such as Venezuela, Ecuador, and Panama.

This hand-rolled gem is not only one of the first full-bodied cigars to gain national recognition but is also one of the first modern cigars to use a Connecticut broadleaf wrapper, making it a significant and also delicious addition to your humidor.

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Joya de Nicaragua Clasico

Joya de Nicaragua is the oldest continuing cigar factory in Nicaragua.  While the past 20 years have seen an incredible expansion of the Nicaraguan cigar industry, Joya still remains the standard for how a Nicaraguan cigar should be.  Their quality is still top of the line, and the brand follows market trends to deliver unique and highly rated cigars each year.


While today they are known for their more bold offerings, their first-ever cigar is still one of my favorites.  The Joya de Nicaragua Clasico is a smooth, mellow to medium cigar that was at one time the favorite smoke of several White House officials.  It remains a high end, cigar and is now exclusive to us right here at JR Cigar.

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