Five Cigarillos to try this Spring

March 26, 2020

The weather is finally beginning to break, and that means its time to go outside and enjoy a good smoke.  While often enjoy your “typical” sized cigar, on occasion I enjoy a nice cigarillo.  The common misconception is that all cigarillos are machine-made and filled with crappy tobacco.  That couldn’t be further from the truth.

My goal today is to showcase some of the best cigarillos in the industry.  Don’t let the size of these cigars fool you, they are rolled with premium tobaccos and packed with flavor.  Here are some top cigarillos to enjoy during the springtime.

Davidoff Nicaragua Primero

The Davidoff Nicaragua was the first entry in the Davidoff Black Label series.  This is a series of cigars geared more towards rich, full-bodied, and full-flavored smokes.  However, they still have that signature Davidoff smoothness due to the aged tobaccos that are used. 

These little Primeros are a top-notch, luxury smoke that has all the flavor and intensity as the bigger sizes.  It is rolled with aged Nicaraguan tobaccos along with a zesty Habano Rosado wrapper.  Notes of pepper, leather, and dried fruit combine for a robust and flavorful little treat.

Davidoff Nicaragua Primero

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La Flor Dominicana Daiquiri Natural Cigarillos

Litto Gomez and his team at La Flor Dominican are known for a few things, such as unique sizes and rich, full-bodied blends.  However, what many people may not realize is that there is actually a smooth, mellow option from the Dominican factory.  Not only that, but it’s in a petite cigarillo format, which is even more unusual from this company.

The Daiquiri Cigarillos are crafted at the La Flor factory in the heart of the Dominican Republic.  Using aged Dominican tobacco for both the filler and binder, these little smokes are then cloaked with a smooth Connecticut shade wrapper.  A creamy, nutty center combines with hints of cedar and floral notes from the wrapper to create a well-rounded and well-made little smoke.La Flor Dominicana Daiquiri Natural Cigarillos

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Tatuaje Reserva Petite Reserva

In terms of premium cigarillos, Pete Johnson has always been ahead of the curve.  The Cracker Crumbs line from L’Atelier has been a fan favorite for years, while the Tatuaje Needles sells out constantly.  Pete is just a man who realizes the value of making a solid, well-made cigarillo sized smoke.

That’s where the Petite Reserva comes in.  This Nicaraguan smoke is crafted at the legendary My Father factory, so you know its quality is on point.  It comes with Nicaraguan filler and binder tobaccos as well as an oily Ecuadorian Habano wrapper.  Be prepared for a spicy little number with a ton of flavor and great construction.Tatuaje Reserva Petite Reserva

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Montecristo Classic Mini Cigarillos

The Montecristo Classic is one of the all-time great mellow cigars.  It really helped establish Connecticut shade wrappers as the go-to tobacco for that smooth, creamy taste.  While everyone is familiar with the legendary No.2 torpedo size, did you know that these classic smokes are available in a quick, cigarillo size?  Well, you do now.

The Montecristo Classic mins are packaged in tins, for easy travel.  They still use the premium tobaccos you’ll find in the larger sizes including aged Dominican tobaccos.  Its wrapper is light brown and smooth, offering up those great notes of cream, nuts, and coffee. Montecristo Classic Mini Cigarillos

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Ashton Half Corona

Ashton cigars have always been some of my favorite smokes.  The brand always produces top quality and flavorful blends and showcases a talent for utilizing different tobaccos and sizes.  While some of you might not know this, Ashton actually has quite a few different cigarillo and tin sized smokes.  It was tough to choose which cigarillo I wanted to include, but in the end, it had to be the half corona.

The Half Corona is unique in that it isn’t a smaller version of a regular production line, but is, in fact, its own unique blend.  It still uses aged Dominican tobaccos from the Fuente family, but the real interesting aspect is the Cameroon wrapper.  Notes of earth, leather, and nuts are delivered with every puff — making this an exciting final entry.Ashton Half Corona

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