Five Acid Cigars to Try This Month

October 11, 2019

Five Acid Cigars to Try This Month

Acid cigars remain not only one of the best-selling infused cigars on the market, but they are in fact among the best-selling cigars overall.  For 20 years, Drew Estate has focused on changing the premium cigar smokers’ perception of an infused cigar, showcasing that you can have a high end, well-made infused product.


The Acid line has turned into a cultural phenomenon within the industry and can be seen on the shelves of even the most elite cigar stores.  With the brand celebrating is 20th Anniversary this year, let’s take a look at five Acid cigars you should try.

Kuba Kuba

The Kuba Kuba was one of the first Acid cigars released and remains one of the best-selling cigars in the country.  This smooth and flavorful smoke set the foundation for what a high-end infused cigar should be. It is rolled by hand using aged, Cuban seed Nicaraguan filler and binder tobaccos along with a rich and flavorful Ecuadorian Sumatra wrapper.


The cigar is then infused with the secret blend of botanicals that give it it’s signature sweet and floral profile.  After two decades, the Kuba Kuba remains the most popular of the Acid line and is a perfect entry-level infused cigar for the beginner.

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The Acid Ripcord is a mellow to medium-bodied smoke with a rich and complex profile.  It uses aged Nicaraguan tobaccos for the filler and binder,  as well as a smooth and silky  Connecticut shade wrapper.  On its own, this cigar is smooth, creamy and flavorful.  After the addition of the botanical oils, a wonderful bouquet of flavors emerges, giving it that legendary Acid profile.


This remarkable blend is rolled into a beautiful 6X50 toro size that offers an excellent burn and easy draw.  The Ripcord is one of the few Acids that are made exclusively for us, giving them an exclusivity that makes them even more special.

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Acid 20

To celebrate the 20th anniversary of the Acid brand this year, Drew Estate released two special edition cigars.  Acid 20 is just hitting shelves and is already making a tremendous impression.  It is being hailed as the finest Acid cigar to date and an infused cigar that can be enjoyed by non-infused smokers.


The Acid 20 is rolled by hand at the Drew Estate factory with some of the finest aged tobaccos the brand has ever used.  Vintage Nicaraguan filler tobaccos are bound by a smooth Indonesian binder with the finishing touch of a dark Mexican San Andres wrapper.  The combination of the dark chocolate notes from the wrapper and the floral, herbal notes from the infusion gives you the most floral and complex Acid yet.

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Kuba Arte

The second release to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the Acid brand pays homage to the urban and street art vibe of the original Acid cigars.  The Acid Kuba Arte is hand-rolled in Nicaragua at the Drew Estate Factory.  It uses a Connecticut Broadleaf wrapper over an Indonesian binder and Nicaraguan fillers.  The cigar is then infused with Acids’ signature blend of herbal oils and spices, giving it a rich and creamy flavor with dashes of sweetness.


The blend is fantastic but the artwork and packaging are one of the most unique aspects of the Kuba Arte. The cigars are bound in groups of twenty and are then placed in one of seven different water towers.  Each tower features artwork designed by one of the world’s most renowned graffiti artists, all based out of Brooklyn.  The artistic and themed packaging, as well as the story it tells, makes this one of my favorite releases in recent memory.

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Blue Blondie

Along with the Kuba Kuba, Acid Blue Blondie is one of the best-selling cigars in the country.  While it shares the blue band of the Kuba, its blend and size offer you an entirely different cigar experience.


The Blondie is rolled with aged Nicaraguan tobaccos and a flawless, light-brown Connecticut shade wrapper.  Its blend profile consists of notes of creamy coffee and nuts that combined very well with the botanical infusion.  Its size also makes it perfect for a nice quick smoke.  With the cold weather coming, the Blondie is a great way to enjoy a solid smoke without freezing your butt off.

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