Elie Bleu Cigar Humidors

June 6, 2019

Elie Bleu Cigar Humidors

More than just another good-looking airtight humidor, Elie Bleu is the standard bearer for luxury cigar humidors, cigar lighters, cigar cutters, jewelry boxes, and other high-end products.  Individually handmade in France using the strictest of standards, every humidor in the superb Elie Bleu collection consists of a variety of rare wood exteriors that are open-air cured for a minimum of ten years to eliminate the possibility of cracking or warping. Then, after this painstaking curing process, many Elie Bleu humidors are adorned with exquisite hand-painted artwork that features pictures of towns, villas, and famous cigar brand logos from old Havana Cuba.  In addition, only the very best kiln-dried Spanish cedar is used to line the interiors of these magnificent works of art.

We’ve handpicked three styles of Elie Bleu cigar humidors to feature on our JR website that we feel fully capture the artisanal craftsmanship and striking good looks that make this brand an heirloom quality investment, and one that will offer the premium cigar aficionado a lifetime of enjoyment.

The Elie Bleu Casa Cubana Wooden Cigar Humidor displays the beauty of Havana with its Spanish colonial architecture artistically hand painted into its highly polished mahogany finish. This stunning masterpiece of design also comes equipped with a precision hygrometer and a special patented gold-plated humidifier to keep up to 30 of your favorite premium cigars perfectly fresh.

The rare Sycamore wood used in the creation of the Alba Yellow Sycamore 75-Cigar Humidor is adorned with hand-painted artwork that makes it look just like a box of old pre-embargo Cuban cigars. Along with providing a lifetime of reliable storage, The Alba is a gorgeous piece of furniture to hand down throughout the generations.

Perfect for premium cigar aficionados with larger collections, Casa Cubana Wooden 110-Cigar Humidor boasts the same Spanish colonial architecture design as its smaller cousin, this time with a different array of striking colors on each building. As with all Elie Bleu Humidors, this larger Casa Cubana model comes lined with specially aged and kiln dried aromatic cedar to promote further aging and marrying and includes a precision hygrometer and a special patented gold-plated humidifier.

Although you pay top dollar for an Elie Bleu cigar humidor, and there’s no doubt that you can find one that functions just as well for a more affordable price, the same could be said for an economy car and a Mercedes Benz… but which one would you rather own?



Elie Bleu Cigar Humidors Casa Cubana Wooden


Elie Bleu Cigar Humidors Alba Yellow Sycamore


Elie Bleu Cigar Humidors Casa Cubana Wooden



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