Edgar Hoil Kills it Again With His New Everyday Hustle!

November 24, 2015

Edgar G Hoill once dazzled critics and fans with his powerful images of urban life. From gangland imagery in the poverty-ridden streets of Los Angeles to the high-profile organized crime bosses of the Yakuza in Japan, Edgar has seen and captured what others only watch in movies.

It was during some of the shoots and chance run-ins, Edgar was able to capture some powerful images on the whim and just like a sniper, and he’s never missed a shot, thus earning the moniker One Shot One Kill.

Hoill was fortunate enough to be able to pursue his other passion, cigar making, and his first brand release OSOK – One Shot One Kill, was fashioned to embrace the spirit of his adventurous lifestyle.

The most important life experience Edgar learned behind the lens is that shots didn’t just come to him, he had to hustle…every day, and now he brings that same hustle to design the very popular second release that bears his name.

Edgar Hoil Everyday Hustle just like the OSOK comes from Christian Eiroa’s famed El Aladino factory in Jamastran Honduras.  His philosophy and hard work in the sultry inner-city streets really carried over to his new profession, because Everyday Hustle, the brand’s first Honduran puro, is truly a work-of-art!

The cigar comes to you in 25 count boxes featuring three popular sizes that include the 5 X 50,

6 X 52, and the hefty 6 X 60.  Opting for standard shapes, the only thing missing is the perfecto sizes that dominate Hoill’s other lines.

Pre light inspection reveals a very well packed cigar with a silky smooth reddish brown wrapper that is seamless, and silky to the touch. Sniffing the foot reveals slight fragrances of earth, hay, and pepper, along with the slight musty nuance often associated with well-aged tobaccos.

Everyday Hustle feels beefy and firm in the mouth, and starts with a blast of pepper that soon gives way to its core flavors of earth, cinnamon, and sweet spice. These flavors build with intensity as the cigar is smoked, yet it remains smooth and well balanced throughout, delivering a very satisfying medium to full body smoking experience. This refined complexity remains consistent until the very last puff, and you will find yourself taking many breaks just to gather in its sweet warm tobacco bouquet.

Once again, Edgar Hoill has taken one shot and killed it with the fabulous Everyday Hustle!


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