Cornhusker Fighting

January 28, 2015

This week in Nebraska, the Cigar Rights of America is giving testimony in efforts to let Nebraska’s cigar bars and cigar shops keep smoking.  Last year, a state Supreme Court decision ruled the legislative exemptions to allow smoking was against the constitution.   As the legislature convened, new legislation with perhaps more nuance was introduced to get those exemptions back.  For a while after the court’s ruling, smoking was still permitted as the state’s bureaucracy worked to issue new permits that prohibited smoking.  Now that work has been done and the smoking lamp for the Cornhuskers has gone out.  Glynn Loope has been in Nebraska and testified before a committee this week as it hears the new legislation.  Loope says he is encouraged in that this legislation has an emergency clause that would mean it could go into effect as soon as it is passed and signed by the Governor.  He is cautiously optimistic that it will get done sooner rather than later. 


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