Coming In December !

October 25, 2016

For all of you folks struggling through this stressful Presidential campaign season, JR Cigar has a “HUGE” announcement to make that will surely to cheer you up! Coming in December 2016, a legendary brand and two gigantic industry titans will be teaming to bring you one of the best premium handmade cigars ever made. That’s right… ever made! We can’t tell you who makes them or where they come from just yet— simply because we want to keep you in suspense! What we can tell you is that they are beautiful…and we like beautiful, and we know that you guys are automatically attracted to beautiful — You just start smoking them!   In fact, these premium handmade cigars from this legendary brand, made by two famous manufacturers, are definitely a “10”— not a four, or a five! C’mon, we wouldn’t even be talking about this hot new cigar if it was a “5”… give us a break!

In the coming month of November leading up to this gargantuan stogie release, we will be “wee-kee -leaking” more information as the launch date comes near, because JR has a loyal customer base of many, many millions of tremendous people, good people, in fact GREAT people, and we want you to have first crack at them.

For more breaking news on this amazing, amazing, NEW Cigar, we plan to send you all 33,000 private emails—hopefully they won’t get lost!


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