Cojimar Cigars

August 9, 2019

Cojimar Cigars

In the world of flavor-infused premium cigar brands, Cojimar cigars simply don’t get the respect that they deserve.  It’s a shame because Cojimar uses some of the world’s best flavorings and authentic Piloto Cubano seed Dominican fillers in each flavorful blend. The cigars are covered by your choice of a creamy golden-brown Indonesian leaf or a dark, sultry, maduro San Andres wrapper from Mexico. No stranger to the cigar market,  Cojimar launched during the peak of the great cigar boom of the mid-’90s, then slowly faded away, but alas, they are back, and we think, just as good as ever.

Expertly rolled then positioned in affordable packs of 5, Cojimar cigars are available with succulent flavors that are branded as Blue Moon Vanilla, Vanilla and, Red Moon Raspberry, there’s also a sampler pack that features all these tantalizing blends in one package.

To fully capture their inherent flavors, every Cojimar cigar in the brand portfolio is deftly rolled in a classic 5 or 5.5 x42 Corona format, as this size bodes well for an intensely delicious 30 to 45-minute smoke.

All mellow in strength, and boasting a crowd-pleasing aroma,  Cojimar Blue Moon Vanilla cigars have rich vanilla flavors accented with cream, cocoa, and subtle fruity tones. A more pronounced vanilla flavoring highlights the Senora Vanilla cigar, as this blend simply puts out a straight-up Madagascar vanilla taste,  backed by subtle notes of sweet tobacco. Fruitier than the rest of the line, Cojimar Senora Red Moon Raspberry, as the name simply implies, serves up sweet, ripe raspberry, tempered with an overall creaminess that makes it a smoke that’s never harsh or cloying.

If you fancy yourself a flavor-infused cigar connoisseur, pick up your favorite Cojimar blend the next time you buy cigars online from yours truly— JR Cigars. We think that you’ll be pleasantly surprised by how well these value-priced cigars stack up in construction, consistency, and taste, to the costlier high-end flavored cigars.


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