Why We Love ACID Cigars

November 14, 2018

ACID Cigars review

There’s a reason why ACID cigars have remained one of the most beloved smokes for nearly two decades. First released in 1999, this unique brand has continued to set the stage for quality cigars, releasing one outstanding flavor after the next.

Whether you’re looking to stock your humidor or are in the market for a fantastic gift, in this ACID cigar review we’ll tell you why we love these cigars — and you will too.

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3 Reasons We Love ACID Cigars

ACID cigars have continued to stand the test of time in regards to their quality and overall popularity.

If you’re eager to try ACID cigars, here are just some of the reasons why they’re a fan favorite.

1. Every cigar offers a one-of-a-kind experience

Each and every ACID cigar is handmade, and when you light one, you will instantly smell and taste distinct delicious flavors. Unlike traditional tobacco flavored cigars, when you light an ACID cigar, you will taste varying notes depending on the cigar itself.

From cocoa to red wine, honey to citrus, this incredible line is infused with more than 150 all natural herbs, botanicals, spices, and essential oils.

2. ACID cigars are high-quality

At the end of the day, ACID cigars are a premium choice. Using only high-quality Nicaraguan Cuban-seed long-filler tobacco, these cigars are known for their complexity and richness. Before they are released, they are cured for months to bring out the flavor and aroma of the natural oils.

3. You will enjoy the variety

Not only can you enjoy a wide range of cigar options within the ACID cigar collection, but you can also order various sizes. Overall, this brand carries four flagship cigar lines, all of which provide their own unique smoking experience.

Of the ACID Blue Remi series, the most famous is ACID Kuba Kuba. Being one of the first to start the ACID revolution, this series is both smooth and robust. This cigar is often considered to be THE cigar that put Drew Estate, the founder of ACID cigars, on the map.

Ready to experience the ACID cigar difference? If so, be sure to browse our extensive collection — and for any ‘burning’ questions, con


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