Valencia Sun Grown

July 27, 2020

Valencia Sun Grown Cigar Review

This month we have been discussing the newest entry to the Valencia line, the all-new Valencia Sun Grown.  We’ve already been over the blend, the history, and the amazing price, but today we are going to talk about the actual smoking experience of the cigar.  In this detailed review we will touch on the blend but really get into more detail on what you can expect flavor and construction-wise from this wonderful smoke.

Seeing as how Valencia is made by the creators of Camacho, it was expected that it would be a full-flavored blend.  Similar to many of the Camachos, the Valencia Sun Grown uses aged Honduran Criollo filler tobaccos along with a sultry Honduran binder.  What makes this cigar stand out is the oily Habano sun-grown wrapper.  It has a reddish hue and is quite oily.

Valencia Sun Grown Cigar Review


Construction seems solid, with no blemishes or cracks and a  slight sponginess to the cigar.  On the cold draw, you can tell this cigar is going to burst with flavor.  It had a nice open draw and initial notes of pepper and leather.

Upon lighting it up, notes of black pepper, earth and a touch of dried fruit are immediately present.  As you smoke through the first third these flavors rotate the dominant position.  It’ll have that pepper kick before getting a touch of some black cherries and earth and then bam, the pepper is back.  Construction through these portions was on point.

As you approach the 2nd third, this is where the complexity really comes into play.  While the spice is still present, it takes a back seat to some rich leather tastes and even a touch of sweetness.  The burn and ash quality is incredible so far, with me being forced to remove the ash to avoid it falling on my clothes.  No touch-ups required.

Valencia Sun Grown Cigar Review

Once you get into the final portion of the cigar, a cacophony of flavors emerge.  Each of the notes that you previously experienced come back in a big way, but without one flavor overpowering the others.  The construction is still very impressive with only one touch up needed and that was more of me being OCD than anything else.

The final result is a cigar that is underpriced.  This is easily as well made and of the same quality as the big name Camacho lines, such as the triple Maduro or Corojo.  So the fact that you can get a quality, Honduran flavor bomb for the price of an everyday bundle makes it all the more appealing.

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