The NEW Room 101 Fudo Myoo

January 26, 2016

Matt Booth the Los Angeles musician, former marine, and current jewelry designer turned master cigar blender, commandeers the enormously popular Room 101 marque, a luxury lifestyle brand for those who demand quality with an edge. Starting his stogy career in 2009 with industry giant Davidoff of Geneva, Booth has quickly gained a cult-like following of loyal fans who savor all of his top-rated blends.

Room 101 Fudo Myoo his latest small batch, super-premium offering is an exclusive cigar made only for yours truly-JR Cigar! Fascinated by the oriental culture that also inspires many of his creations; he chose to name these cigars in honor of one of the important deities of Japanese Buddhism. The statue of Fudo Myo-o (as it is pronounced) can be found at all the major temples and pilgrimage roads throughout Japan. Many waterfalls are named after him as a certain practice involves standing under the rushing icy water to purify one’s soul of all desires and attachments.

Fudo Myoo’s dress box and vitolas are very familiar to Room 101 Cigar enthusiasts, or anyone else that has ever seen Booth’s masterfully crafted far eastern style packaging.

An Ecuadorian Habano wrapper that is oily, brown in color, and displays a deep reddish-hue highlights this luxury blend. A mouthwatering Cuban-seed varietal, this leaf adds a bold earthy kick to any mix and is the choice cover for many of the best smokes on the market today. Resting underneath are choice aged filler tobaccos from the most fertile growing regions of Honduras and Nicaragua that are swathed inside a rugged and zesty Mexican binder.

The result of Matt’s judiciously designed recipe has created a smoke with a solid medium strength flavor profile that is bold enough for seasoned enthusiasts, yet, not too overpowering for those who prefer a milder smoke.

Upon lighting, stout pepper and spice notes immediately grab your attention. This burst of power quickly subsides as bright and vibrant notes of sweet cedar, leather, coffee, earth and very subtle hints of tangy citrus come together and remain throughout the duration of the smoke.

The cigar is produced in the three big- ring artistically shaped figuardos that have become staples of the famous Room 101 line.

We highly recommend that the next time you order your favorite premium handmade cigars online at JR; you add a box of the downright delicious – made just for us- Room 101 Fudo Myoo Cigars to your cart.


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