The New Acid Route 10

August 27, 2015

The famous Acid Kuba Kuba was one of the biggest selling herbal infused cigars every created.  It’s flavorful and smooth and it put Drew Estate on the cigar world’s radar.  Acid Kuba Kuba continues to be a top seller for those aficionados looking for a different kind of flavor than a typical smoke.  The edgy artwork and gritty urban theme have made it immensely popular with the new generation of cigars smokers who were honestly just looking for something out of the ordinary.  The Acid Kuba  Kuba was not only different, but it completely changed the misconceptions about flavored or infused cigars.  It proved that if done right, an infused cigar can still have the same characteristics of a Padron or Fuente.  It can have a changing flavor profile, perfect construction and a terrific burn. Today, Drew Estate has found even greater fame with their full-bodied traditional lines such as Liga Privada and Herrera Esteli.  However, the Acid line continues to be a very hot item, and we decided it was time that JR Cigar and Jonathan Drew worked together on a special Acid product.

So, we are pleased to announce the introduction of the new Acid Route 10.  This is a beefy robusto with a great little big tail on the end.  Like all Acids, it’s produced in the fantastic La Gran Fabrica Drew Estate, Jonathan Drew’s 114,000 sq. ft facility in Esteli, Nicaragua.  It has a dark, oily wrapper and a amazing blend of herbal and infused flavors.  The best part about this cigar is it’s available exclusively at JR Cigar.  This cigar was made just for us, making it all the more special.  So while the famous Acid Kuba Kuba may still be the king of the infused cigars, maybe its time to try out its new and amazing younger brother.


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